Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Lost 31
[Image: 2001.png]
Uh, denial can be rather dangerous. And yes, something HAS changed.

They know you're keeping a secret, and denying any potential issues even to yourself.

So... maybe some training to fully control that power? And some matching working through the fear and loathing of that power, so you don't ignore that part of you so much?
@Hariman: In the mean time maybe he should stay away from "Crate and Barrel"?
Something changed all right. Ignore what he's saying. Keep in mind Spoilers revealed earlier, his WORDS here, and the sudden use of his empathy in the last panel.

Oh, dear. Sad
I’m worried Cobalt will snap into full on “Protect” mode and nobody will be able to leave the house.
I don't think anyone is convinced, not even Cobalt himself. That last panel is a chilling view of that denial and barely suppressed fear/anxiety. Excellent portrayal Fox!

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