Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Lost 39
[Image: 2009.png]
Damn he must be powerful to make people forget stuff.
From Silver's reaction, Cobalt is almost as strong as he is. And Silver is a pretty powerful Empath.

This reminds me of a book where a few have the ability to erase minds/memories. They talk about it as locking memories away.
The climax of the book is that people try to break the locks but in doing so go mad but one instead goes to look for a key in their own mind.

Now i wanna reread it but i cant remember what book it was.
I think Cobalt is MORE powerful than Silver, actually... he just hides it.
Hmmm. Trivia 23 just says there's a powerful Empath.
Trivia 31 says Silver's more powerful than people know.
So... maybe, Hariman. The point is, they're both QUITE powerful. If they were to face one another at the height of their powers? ...*shrug*
So Cobalt is as strong of mind as Prof. X!?
Oh, that's why the tone shifted back to normal so suddenly! Yeah, he's definitely pretty powerful!

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