Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Remorse 7
[Image: 2017.png]
General Dude LOL
Gotta love Radio.
Looks like Clog's a bit on edge near "the General dude!"
What can I say, Formalities slow down your day, If I am your friend, would I have to keep calling you by a formal title? Naw, Its the small quirk in Radios personality, A silly belief of."Stranger is just a friend you have not made yet".

Calling Radios personality "Laid back" may be an oversimplification...He respects leaders like Fox, Darius, Mark, and others who are above his station, But, he understands that his Job is a mucky one, but, appreciates the fact that he doesn't have the burden of leadership thrust upon him. He would rather be on the beach eating BBQ, with drinks and his friends and chirrs... some good surf, and good tunes Tongue

(Gen, writes my character pretty much to a "T")
Pete's somebody one can't help but be cheered up by!
Wonder what urgent-to-him business this is?

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