Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Remorse 16
[Image: 2026.png]
Okay then!
Its interesting the detachment vs open nature here.

Both are feeling the same in views, but one is crushing the resistance to such emotion with an iron hand, and one is trying to heal.
Sorry big fella, just wasn't going to happen. So interesting to see this side of Al, I am intrigued. Love how these characters are multifaceted!
We all know Aileeron is an asshole, oppressive, who would happily crush any opposition to his ambition, but in this occasion I feel the need to hug and console him.

I wonder now. What do we actually know about Aileeron? This seems so distant from his usual attitude. I would have easily imagined him just entering and throwing Darius out of the window XD Or somehow trying to take the power taking advantage of Fox missing. Not begging.

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