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Isla Aukate - Stalked 15
[Image: 2055.png]
I have to admit that weak little swipe Artemis does in the last panel gave me a chuckle.
Antennae point to no.
I think the antennae point to the opposite. The Dolphoria is at first unsure, then hopeful that Artemis will be friendly, and then disappointed that Artemis is still hostile.
Well, missing 1 antenna, it can be "Hard to get a FEEL on the situation!" *looks around* huh? Hah? you know...feelers...antenna....I look SHINEY TOPIC CHANGE!
Someone said topic change? I keep forgetting that Artemis is so unselfaware to danger because of her OP healing that i constantly worry that she will get hurt one day and silver will not be near to help her.

Then i remember her healing blood and all consequences of her jumping into the fire from the frying pan are void.
Leaving me feeling silly to worry over a strong women. (... cat... thing... stil don't know how to adres anthropomorphic beings)
But Artemis only has regeneration, not immortality. She's still in danger, even though she does heal fast.

She's still incredibly experienced, tough, and resourceful, just not invulnerable.
I get the impression this dolphoria wants to help/thank her, but it might have to wait until she calms down a bit from survival mode. Or she could pass out and wake up to find the dolphoria had been caring for her. Whatever way things go, I look forward to seeing it!

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