Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Agent 3
[Image: 2063.png]
That is one biiiiiig fishie! Also is calling a Darnathi a fishie a slur? Why do I have this feeling of a future of being plucked up by the tail and carried around? Well I hope when all this blows over a small gift of chocolate will smooth things over, just need to make sure Silver keeps away from it.
Ring's expression is awesome XD
Perhaps chocolate and some smoked salmon, Weiss? Then Tung would probably forget all about being called 'fishie'! XD I lonve Tung's expression in the last panel, grumpy General!
Bah I need to see about getting the name changed, registered it all wrong and can't get rid of the i in the name. Also smug otter Wess right behind him and buddy Fundi in front to keep a good eye on Tung, Wess has nothing personal against Tung, but it is just his job to do as he is requested!
Looks like the name is fixed now, and I'll be sure to say Wess in future!

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