Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Agent 12
[Image: 2072.png]
Interesting. I wonder what they've come up with.
Ha! XD Darius is far more practical, if he'd decided to get rid of Tung he would have done so without all the cloak-and-dagger. Love that eye-roll and Artemis' expression!
If darius got rid of tung, he'd have to do his work back there, sooner or later, and he already has enough on his plate.
You see, Tung.. here on Earth it's the Christmas season. And, well..., to make all the little cubs of the island feel joyful and triumphant ... and to have belief in what's known as Santa Claus.... (Hands him a pile of odd green felt clothing).

*Unwrapping it*. "Wait! No... Nononononono! I will NOT dress up as that Human, Will Ferrall in ELF!"


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