Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Agent 13
[Image: 2073.png]
Ooooh I think I see where this is going.
Step into the mystery vat good sir, you'll be a new man/newtcat coming out, we guarentee.
Ohhhhh.... some alterations ?

My my.... I wonder what will become (literally) of Tung now? This is gonna be interesting!

Just... make sure there's no fly in the chamber with him... please!
What if he gets prototyped into a Pomeranian?
@Radiopete: Pom wars!!!!!
@Radiopete/Muddypaws: Great! We'll finally have a Missile for the staff stage play version of Ghost Trick!
Hmm, time for a massive dolphoria? I'm thinking probably something new, but it'll be fun finding out!
Darius is enjoying this, look at that grin! XD
It's funny because it honestly looks like Tungsten could literally pull the heads off of just about any of the characters as he stands now... It always struck me that he was being compliant purely out of a sense of honor, more or less, but that if he truly wanted to resist he definitely could escape and cause a lot of trouble.

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