Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Agent 14
[Image: 2074.png]
I get the impression she's not joking.
Not so funny, Tung. To Darius and Artemis, you're EXPENDABLE!
Que the James bond music! Fine, at least play Secret agent man Tongue
*Grumble Grumble* *Thwack to harbles*
Heh, he's Darnathi, Strat. His harbles are somewhere in his midsection.
"Harvey Torn? I've met him. Why would you want me to spy on him? It would probably only end up with me dead…"
"We're not talking about Harvey. We're talking about his father."
"Oh. Uh, that's… Okay, that's doable."

That said, I have a feeling that Tung has info about the clan that Artemis and Darius would want.
Then again, being a mole is more than just previous info, but new info, too.
They want to turn him into a demon-appearing deer?
He'd certainly be impressive with his size!
Yes... Laugh now funny man. They're gonna turn you into some kind of Dinosaur... only thing big enough to match your size I can think of.

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