Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Agent 15
[Image: 2075.png]
....We have Elephant minions, I'm sure we have a hippo somewhere, We even have a couple of dinosaurs around. Tung, I'm sure we can find something your size to turn you into.
Moose, perhaps? I'd say Blue Whale, but... he has to be above the ocean.
Did you just look to tropical species? Or perhaps expanded the search more afar?
...Walrus. Or maybe some kind of bear.
Perhaps a prehistoric Cave Bear? They were massive!
Remember, the Torn clan hates predators, that cuts back on a few of those, I'd go with Rhino moreso, as they end to be the kind that seem to be huge and powerful.
Also guys we have established that the Torn clan only really seriously recruits herbivores. And every member we've seen so far is a kind of deer/cervine. So by that logic if he's meant to inflitrate ranks like a proper spy should.... he'd need to be of that variety of animal hence his disbeleif at the idea. He's ten feet tall. Most if not all of the deer he's seen so far have been the delicate willowy sort of animals.
Moose might work, or some giant deer or elk species.
He'll certainly be seen as a useful recruit with his size!

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