Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Agent 29
[Image: 2089.png]
Yep that'd put you in hospital for a while.
What is this? A plausible cover story? how dare the writers! Where's the cover story so out there either no one will believe it or everyone has to because who'd make up such a ridiculous story! I'm teasing Gen, good writing.
"I got my wrist hurt keeping account of Hector's drinking expenses" XD

Tung looks good as an elk, by the way!
"Your wrist too? Mine got hurt pouring too many drinks for Hector. I told him the 55 ounce Big Gulp cup was too big for me!"
When books attack! Reenactment film at 11!
There's a reason one of the used book stores near me has pieces of wood attached across the tops of the shelves, spanning the aisles! XD
Caught between bookends.
#8 I was kinda right! Huh!

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