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HMS Dressel
(01-30-2019, 02:44 AM)Shard Loren Wrote: Shard was awestruck as he was shown the different sections that were in construction, and listened intently as Archeus explained what each was for. "Well a kitchen and Mes hall are certainly a must for long hauls. And that Machine shop sounds like it's gonna be invaluable when any unforeseen events happen." they reached the prefab trailers and again came the explanation. "Well no doubt these will be top of the line equipment. Spared no expense eh?" and the finally, so far, stop on the tour was much more interest to the second person taking this tour. Namely Renfield. The tiny bronze Chirr made a sound that could best be described as a "Squeeee" when he saw all the stuff dedicated to caring for creatures such as himself.

He began tugging on both Archeus's leg and pointing into the room as if asking if he can go inside and look around.
Archeus looked down at Renfield. "Ah an anxious crew member Ehhh." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a set of keys. She opened up the doors and turned on the lights.  "Well Shard this may be a fortuitous event. Every crate in this room holds recreational equipment for a myriad of young ones. You would certainly be welcome to help in the assembly of all this. It would be a great help to me. I left Dean And Razzle down in R&D. They're testing out the control systems. They have plenty of tools also. If you want we could go down there and meet up with them.
Dean knows where most everything is kept. Every piece of equipment comes with instructions and it looks like young Mr Renfield is willing to help out. I may have to bring my Chirr Kevin down so they could meet each other."
Shard smiled at the offer. "That sounds great. I'd love too. Been a while since I put my assembly skills to use. Yeah let's go meet with Dean and Razzle so we can get all the tools we'll need" he said as he gestured for Archeus to lead the way. Renfield looked a little apprehensive about leaving "Don't worry Renfield, we'll be back soon enough. Plus Archeus said she'll bring her own chirr down so you two can meet. Who knows you two might be the first ones to get to uses all the stuff we'll build." the fox said with a wink, plus the idea of meeting another chirr brought a huge a huge smile to his little bronze companions face.
Archeus leading the way. "Well lets see what the guys are up to. There's been so much equipment showing up. It can pile up before you know it. Oh here we are. Welcome to the R&D simulators. I here equipment running already. That's a good sign." Archeus walking past the pipes and pumps taking a second to admire the gauges and seeing the actuators extend and retract, she smiled.
"Shard these large cylinders are what will be moving the ships foils in and out as well as rotating them."
Her eyes gleamed "Well there's Razzle at the control stand." She headed straight for him. "Good afternoon Razzle I see you and Dean have the actuators hooked up. This looks great! This is Shard by the way. He's going to assemble the equipment in the Chirr Daycare. He may need access to the tool cabinets. And Shard if you need any help we're all a big team here. Don't hesitate to ask for anything.
"Hello Archy", Razzle said. He then extended his paw to Shard,
"Nice to meet you, Shard"

"It took us a while to get the actuators hooked up. When Dean first came down here and tapped me on the shoulder, he sort of froze when I spoke to him. It took me a few moments to figure out what was wrong. The way I was holding the goggles, Dean caught a glimpse at the simulated system. I guess it overloaded his mind. I had to reboot his brain to get it past the 'blue screen of death'".
Archy laughed at the BSOD comment. She remembered the days when that was a common event.
"I'm glad that you got Dean working again. I am pleased with how things look in here. You both did a good job. Well done."
"Thank you," Razzle said. "We are doing our best. I know there are a lot of others who are counting on us."
He then turned to Shard. "What's it like having a pet Chirr? I've seen them around the lair, but I haven't had the opportunity to spend a lot of time around them."
"Nice to meet you too" shard said shaking Razzles paw. "Sounds like you two had quite a bit of a time getting all this up and running." he said looking around at all the actuators and piping. "As for raising a Chirr all I can tell you is what I've learned from Renfield here. You've gotta have energy, and lots of it. Chirrs can be little balls of fun but they can also be demanding sometimes." he said picking up Renfield. "See what I do sometimes when a Walk just won't do it, I take out a laser pointer and shine it on the floor. He goes mad chasing it and it burns off all that energy and give him plenty of exorcise too." he said with a chuckle "Now like Arechus said I'm here for tools to build all the stuff for the Dressel's Chirr Daycare. So Waht am I gonna need?" he asked.
Archeus had walked to her desk and found a spare set of tool cabinet keys.
She saw Dean when she returned. "Hey Dean you all are doing a great job! Everything sure is coming together. I found a spare set of keys for the tool cabinet I was going to give Shard so he can have access to anything he needs. She looked around I hear Razzle and Shard over there. We better go check on them."
Mark shook his head. Tielle had pointedly and firmly stated her intent to stay put in her kitchen. She would, however, send along an up and coming junior chef to oversee meals for the crew and a team of cooks. She felt that this would insure a fairly rapid return home by her adventuring husband. With a sigh, he composed and sent a message to Professor Archeus.

"To: Professor Archeus, Dressel Project.

Archy, Tielle said no go on coming along as chef, however she did promise to send a qualified up-and-coming junior chef and a team of cooks. I reviewed the plans and they look really good. I just have t get the Overlord and General Darius' leave to come along and command the military section on board.As Commander. Aerial Forces I technically would be in command of this, but I have other responsibilities both with the air service and the military. Hoping it'll all work out, as I look forward to flying with you.

Cmdr. M'Rega."

He sent the message and then began reading his inquiries of Fox and Darius as to whether or not he could go along on the venture.
All Hail the Overlord!
Shard had, with Dean and Razzle's help, acquired all the tools he would require in the construction of the Chirr daycare equipment. He had all the tools placed securely in a special belt made just for housing them. "OK then. It's time I start building" he said with no small amount of excitement. He turned to Archeus "It Might take a bit but I guarantee by the time I'm done you'd think they'd been ready made the whole time" he said with a grin before looking down at his Chirr. "OK Renfield let's get to it." Renfield made an excited noise to signal he agreed. With that the Arctic Fox and his Chirr left the R&D department adfter saying good buy to everybody there and made thair way t the room containing all the soon-to-be-built equipment.
Work had progressed on the ship to the point a test flight was imminent.
With great care Dressel was eased forward from the massive hanger.
The mooring lines were retracted, the vessel sat quietly.
Archeus sitting at the engineering looking over the permissives. " Mr Razzle please initiate Foil extension." She looked over at Dean sitting at the controls for the main turbine. "Dean please bring the the turbine on line. Lets go for thirty percent on the speed setter." It was a rather eerie sensation feeling the superstructure resonate as the turbine came up to speed. Out of the forward gondola the crew watched as the Dressel slowly started to rise.
After receiving positive replies to his inquiries of Darius and Fox, Mark left his office with his go bag and hurried back to the hangar where The Dressel had been built. He arrived just as the large airship began edging out of the hangar. He managed to jump aboard just before the crewman shut the hatch. Remembering the layout, he tossed his go bag in his office and headed to the forward gondola where the bridge was. He managed to get there just as the ship slowly began to rise. He held his peace during the critical moments, and then quietly stated.

"Commander M'Rega reporting, Permission to come aboard, Professor?"
All Hail the Overlord!

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