Isla Aukate
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HMS Dressel
Walking into the lab and sitting down at her desk. Archeus looked up to see a goldleaf letter with her name on it.
Opening it up she went on to read.

It is the Overlords wish to design and build a research vessel that will be capable to perform the following tasks.
1. Have the ability to transport a crew to survey the kingdom.
2. Be of such design to move heavy loads to and from the Citadel.
3. Have the capability to test and research new developing technologies that may assist in the advancement of knowledge and the well being of our society. 

Archeus tapping on the table thought for a minuet.  She said out loud. "We shall rise to the occasion!"
She began to write feverishly. For the next several hours she poured over engineering drawings and marshaling her ideas.
From a vast library she pulled data spanning the ages.

Day two saw her sitting at a drafting table. Reams of long blue colored paper with scripts, scribbles and lines as long as the eye could see.

After a couple weeks had passed Archeus had, had several meetings with the Chimenticores. They were receiving instructions on building a large hanger over 350 meters long and 100 meter high.
Nearly the entire fleet had been mobilized and were giving this work maximum effort on all levels of construction.

Things were moving along and the islands main bay was a bees nest of activity.
While sitting at her desk Archeus got word that a vessel was approaching. With great anticipation she gathered her effects and went walking to the pier. She marvled at the massive machine on board.
She talked with the crew and instructed them where the Machine was to be unloaded and housed.
Jade stepped up beside Archeus. "Good afternoon, ma'am. I'm here to get a progress report on your, ah, 'little project,' as Bane put it," she stated, glancing over the busy activity on the pier. It was definitely quite the undertaking, but Jade loved seeing it come together and was more than happy to be the one taking the progress reports back to the Citadel.

She had to stop herself from daydreaming so she could actually get Archeus' report. That could wait until the trip back.
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