Isla Aukate
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Character: Desmond Loker
Name: Desmond Loker
Island of birth: Peeperuare
Age: 26
Preferred occupation: Engineer
Species: Wolf
Eye color: Brown
Fur color: White (Mostly) and Black
Height (in feet and inches): 5'7"
Likes: Books, Movies, Machines.
Brief character description: 
Desmond is a white furred, thin looking wolf, who has a digitgrade stance. He has a black birthmark that threads from his right ear, circles his torso and ends at his right arm. He'll always be seen wearing a black wristwatch on his left hand.

Character background/history: 
Desmond wasn't what his parents expected. Having born with a very visible black mark made him subject of despise for most of his family, who treated him as a second-class person, feeling that he learned to accept over the years. He spent his childhood and teen years attending a social oriented school, which he hated, but was too afraid to tell someone about it. 
At 12, he found the safe haven that his family failed to provide at a local library, spending most of his leisure time there, having read every book in the "Fantasy" shelf within a few months and, after a year, most of the library, waiting every month for new books to arrive. During high school he grew fond of engineering after reading a book about the subject called his attention. This discoverment turned into an obsession when, as his 14th birthday present, he left alone for Maati in order to visit some of the factories and learn even more.
As time passed, Desmond started thinking about dedicating his life to this field of study, which implied moving to Aukate in order to recieve a better education and being in contact with the most advanced technology in the islands. The next years after moving into Aukate were of constant struggle for the wolf, as he had to take up a part-time job as a bartender to pay for his studies, as well as the bills and some occasional treat for himself. Now, having graduated, he seeks to learn more about technology by enlisting in the Overlord's forces.

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