Isla Aukate
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Mark M'Rega
Name: Mark M'Rega
Island of birth: Pèperuare
Preferred occupation: Commander of Aerial Forces
Species: White Tiger
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Black
Height (in feet and inches): 6' 2"

Brief character description: Mark was born on the winter Island of Pèperuare (February). His parents have passed on of natural causes. He grew up, learning to survive in the hostile winter environment by choice. His parents were part of the hierarchy of the island, but from early on he knew he didn't want to be part of that. For adventure and entertainment, he learned to build gliders and ride the wild winds on his home island, and around the high bluffs of nearby Tiànuare. Seeking to know more, he traveled to the other islands, learning of their cultures and ways as he went. He is well practiced in various martial arts, and uses the bo staff and shock lance expertly. Easy-going and calm in most situations, he maintains an easy laugh and smile. When the time comes to act, though, he is lightning fast and very intentional. Mark came to Aukate' and served as a junior officer and aide under Governor Rex. When her regime ended, he stayed on Aukate and was there when the Overlord began her rise to power. He has been with her since, as a friend and commander of all that flies in her service. Mark is married to a lovely lynx named TL from his home island. They reside in one of the towns on the main island of Aukate' when not on duty, as she also serves the Overlord as the cook for those who reside in the Library. They do maintain a small apartment in the Officer's Quarters of the Lair, for when their duties preclude them from commuting. He has the nickname "Tigermark" and will sometimes be called "TM" for short.
All Hail the Overlord!

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