Isla Aukate
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The Ceslatos Brothers
Name: Niko/Lukas/Alec Ceslatos

Island of birth: Aukate
Age: 21
Preferred occupation: Mechanic (Niko)/scientist (Lukas)/medical (Alec)
Species: Timber wolf/cerberus hybrid
Eye color: Gold
Hair color: Dirty blonde
Height (in feet and inches): 7’7”

Character Description: The Ceslatos brothers are three conjoined triplets (as they prefer to think of themselves) who stand a bit broader and taller than the typical island inhabitant. Their coat is grey and brown, growing thicker in winter and thinner in summer. They have three sets of shoulders and arms stacked along their back and three heads on the top pair. Niko, the right head, has a short crew cut and a few piercings in one ear. Lukas, the middle head, has long, draping hair and wears a pair of thin glasses. Alec, the left head, has a loose, mid-length haircut with a few stray bangs.

Character background/history: Niko, Lukas and Alec were born to a cerberus mother and timber wolf father, who were caught off-guard by the unique challenge of raising such children. Thanks to their mother(s), they were able to learn how to synchronize control of their body at an early age. However, because their neighborhood had no other cerberi to socialize with, they quickly grew self-conscious about their condition. As a result of that and natural adolescent contrariness, each head and corresponding pair of arms formed his own identity and personality. This change persists today, and the brothers occupy a grey area between one person and three.

Niko is an impulsive tough guy who likes to cut loose and have fun, and enjoys physical exercise, working out methods by which they can all stay in shape. Lukas is a distant intellectual who wishes to prove himself and takes life seriously, though he is more interested in reading than talking. Alex is a cheerful social butterfly, always eager to lend a hand to anyone he likes, which is most people. The three of them get along well for the most part, since they need to in order to function in day-to-day life, and yet they can't agree on a mutual calling in life, only a mutual compromise at best. Each of them has a different idea of what they would do if they could separate each other, though they express reluctance at the idea of going through with that hypothetical procedure. For now they are content to lead separate lives online and in their dreams.

As news of the Overlord's rise to power spread, the three of them came to the consensus that her way was the future, and that she was surprisingly fair and kind for someone who calls herself Overlord. Thus, their best shot at a career lay with her. So they left home and set sail for her headquarters, ready to start a new life.
I'm bumping this because I've recently edited it, and I would like the mods to check and see if it checks out with the new canon.
Hey there, glad to see you're here again!
Cerberus are actually an allowable species now, I'd take that into consideration before I read through this in total.
(03-02-2016, 07:23 PM)Foxenawolf Wrote: Cerberus are actually an allowable species now, I'd take that into consideration before I read through this in total.

Is there anything I should know about cerberi before making further changes to the profile?
The same rules apply to all mythicals, your best bet is to have him be the offspring of a Cerberus and a timber wolf, so he'd have the Cerberus three-headedness and the timber-wolf colors.
Alright, I changed that up just now. Anything else I should fix?

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