Isla Aukate
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Aralyn "Ara" Thorn
Name: Aralyn "Ara" Thorn (Tannis)

Specialties: Higher math, physics, astrophysics, particle and quantum mechanics, electronics, mechanical engineering.

Species: Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

Sex: Female (Vixen)

Age: 23 (Birth date, Aukate 20th.)

Fur/Pelt: White with black "socks", "gloves", ears, tail tip and groin fur, with no "traditional" muzzle markings.  Skin where it can be seen is dusky pink and healthy.

Hair: Ebony with crimson frosted tips and a high matching long crimson ponytail/topknot.

Eyes: Similar to Sagitar's: space/void black sclera and dark blue irises with no visible pupils.

Height: 5' even (1.524m), plantigrade.

Weight: Never ask a girl her weight!!

Build: Slim, wiry.

Voice: British accent, a mixture of Kate Winslet and Rosamund Pike.

Body art: Samoan tribal tattoo of an Eastern Dragon winding around her body (ask her why sometime, she may tell you and you might regret asking). In uniform, the only visible portion is one taloned hand "gripping" her left eye. She wears dark blue-black metal piercings: six small rings in each ear, three to a side. The wrap for her high pony tail is of soft black leather, making the "base" nearly 3 inches or so tall, and a similar wrap is around her tailbase from base to about 3 inches.

Affectations: She has a pair of "steampunkish" goggles she wears nearly constantly, which may or may not actually work as intended to protect her eyes.

Birthplace: Isla Aukate.

Home: Isla Aukate

Family: Birth Parents Unknown, surname Thorn, birth mother died during childbirth; Adoptive Parents Uniya (Wolf) & Kiyo (Hyena) Tannis. Siblings in order of age from eldest to youngest: Branth (Badger), Arana (Wolverine), Tiska (Ermine), Shana (Husky), Hugo (Black Bear) - Aralyn - Tania (Red Panda). Lorinne (Gazelle), is a close friend of the family who the children know as 'Aunt Lorrie'.

History: Aralyn was given up for adoption at one month old by her father, who couldn't bear to raise her after his wife died in childbirth. Uniya and Kiyo Tannis adopted her and gave her a home on Isla Aukate near the major port city of (TBD). The pair had already adopted several children (Kiyo was unable to produce young herself, despite many efforts). Aralyn's family life was by and large happy and loving, although when left in charge, Branth and Arana were far more strict than their parents (unsurprising given their species' dispositions). Even though Ara got along fine with her whole family for the most part, she and Arana were the most distant, while Tiska, Hugo and little Tania were closest to her.  Aralyn has shown absolutely no interest in discovering who her birth father or mother were, happy with her adopted family.

Ara was an intelligent, inquisitive youngster and found herself fascinated by how everything worked, obsessed with constructing working objects out of cobbled parts. She absorbed any knowledge she could like a sponge. Her boundless energy was channeled into dance, acrobatics and a form of free running/parkour she learned from the children of Samoan dock workers - humans were interesting, and Samoan culture is such that high levels of energy and cheerfulness are much more common. With her natural vulpine reflexes, she excelled at these, and was directed to these activities to wear down her excessive bounciness, which had two results - first, she would do these activities at all hours of the day and night, no matter if anyone else was up or not, and two, she wanted her siblings and parents to try it too and do it with her, like most children would want - which led to some frustrations and not a few injuries.

As she grew older and into adolescence, Ara became more and more insistent that she be given books to read about how things really worked: EVERYTHING. In schools, she found herself socially isolated and outcast with only a very few acquaintances, but voraciously devoured knowledge in math and science. She was terrible with language skills and history, and any domestic classes she was made to take ended up an utter disaster. Biology of any kind was a passing interest, because it didn't answer her real questions and gymnastics were no problem for her. She was placed in special studies into higher mathematics and physics theories. She devoured everything and yearned for more, often going out alone in the evenings for free running and digestive thoughts on advanced theories, questions of the universe, particles and how they all came together, often stopping and staring at the stars and speculating.  It is of note that she has no close friends and thus would naturally cling and cleave to anyone that took a real interest in her for reasons other than for say, study.  She was utterly clueless as to any form of adolescent mating rituals - she knew of her body's changes and knew most considered her pretty, but she was plainly uninterested in anything like 'dating' or 'going out'.

She often tried to explain her theories and thoughts to her family and to anyone that would politely listen to her babbling, clearly not understanding a word she was saying. Accepted into (name?) University, she dived into as much as she could, double-majoring to take up all her time in exploration of knowledge. Her GPA was averaged between her terrible social, historical and language skills and her incredible math and science skills, sort of balancing out. During this time, she shared a math and a computing course (two) with Socks, who advised her of the Overlord's R&D Program and internship program, encouraging her to join.  The two did not strike up as friends, per se, but were acquainted enough to know of each other and their work.  Aralyn took the advisement into her educational plans for during her post-Graduate work, since she determined that the resources of the Lair might have better results for a Doctoral dissertation.  With that in mind, following her graduation, she was accepted into (name?) University's Physics Department as a doctoral candidate and opted to try for Boot Camp to see if the internship program was right for her.

Personality/Behavior: Aralyn is both excessively cheerful and unable to clearly understand the feelings of others, sometimes unable to stop her droning on about a subject of fascination for her, regardless of how it may or may not be interesting to her listeners. She has particular rituals, being fastidious about her image, very organized and extremely upset if anything of hers is out of its place - for example, her topknot/ponytail must have every crimson hair in it and none of the ebony, and the soft black leather wrapping must be wrapped tight, exactly 23 winds in the braid. She drinks caffeinated beverages with no clear effects other than addiction, and speaks and acts very quickly, on the verge of Hyperspeak, but not nearly that quick. She can and will focus entirely on one subject to the exclusion of all else around her; or she may bounce from subject to subject with no warning in the middle of conversation. She has absolutely no concept of danger; she understands harm, and what it can do, but believes she is able to counteract the effects of or come through unharmed in very dangerous situations, cheerfully. She has absolutely no guile or ability to lie, but sometimes does not tell the whole truth because it does not occur to her to do so. She may become absolutely obsessed with a particular project or interest to the exclusion of everything else, including food and sleep.

Physical abilities: Like all foxes, Aralyn has extremely good hearing and sense of smell, and very good night vision. Her physical agility and manual dexterity are wickedly quick, though she is comparatively weak compared to most species, and generally shorter and slimmer than most female foxes her age. She has retractable claws on her fingers and toes, thick, long and sharp. Claws are not like human nails, they are actually a joint of the digit (and Ara meticulously cares for her claws, which she coats in glossy crimson polish).

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