Isla Aukate
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Shawn Foraker
Name: Shawn Foraker
Age: 24
Preferred occupation: Engineer/R&D
Species: Tassel-Eared Squirrel
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Height (in feet and inches): 4' 11"

Description: Short and stubby, Shawn is a Tassel-Eared Squirrel with dark grey fur on most of his body, save for the white that covers his chest and underside of his tail. Other accents include thin white rings around his eyes, and a rusty-colored stripe along his back. Good-mannered, but somewhat introverted, he finds more enjoyment in science and tinkering than elaborate social interactions.

Background/history: Shawn grew up in the bustle of Aukate with his parents and younger sister. As a child, being constantly exposed to technology and computers served as the spark for his fascination with engineering, sometimes to the detriment of electronic devices in his home when he would take them apart just to see how they worked. In his early teenage years, thanks to access to the web, he discovered the concepts of science fiction in both print and visual media. After discovering a far-dated human television show called "Star Trek," he found the concepts and themes behind the show intriguing, particularly how technological advancement can serve to the betterment of society. He also solidified his desire to work in the field of engineering through the myriad of episodes, despite the fact that some of the technology portrayed in the show was readily available on the island.

His parents encouraged his pursuits in science and technology, as well as engineering and mathematics. He went on to attend engineering school in the Student Region and eventually graduated with a degree in computer engineering. During his time in college, he also dabbled in physics, again inspired by science fiction concepts. While not as fascinating, it was indeed useful for the senior projects he worked on for graduation. He considered re-entering engineering school to pursue a master's degree or perhaps even a doctorate, but Shawn was eager to put his skills to use in the real world and find practical ways to apply them.

He considered a career in the Coast Guard at first, but after an incident during a training cruise, he decided to stay on land. His parents initially tried to coax him towards the private sector, such that it was on Aukate, but stories about the capabilities and exploits of the Overlord's research facilities intrigued him. It sounded like the barriers of science were being thoroughly pressed, and the technology there was no doubt on the bleeding edge. Shawn knew he wanted to be part of the exploration of those frontiers, and joining the Overlord's forces would allow him to do that while being of service his community.

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