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Ian Frayne
Name: Ian Frayne
Island of birth: 'Okotopa
Age: 22
Preferred occupation: R&D
Species: Eastern Coyote (Wolf and Coyote mix)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Height: 5' 11"

Brief character description: Ian has a lean, somewhat athletic build and he has a few minor scars in various places and a notch in his left ear. He usually appears to be a fairly laid back person, though he can be incredibly focused and hard working when something grabs his attention. He has a sharp mind and occasionally plays at being a trickster or pretends to be a fool. Despite his easygoing attitude and occasional tricks, he is capable of being dead serious and completely focused when needed. He also considers himself to be a man of his word. When he does give his word, he will do everything in his power to keep it.

Character background/history: Ian grew up in a port town on the island of 'Okotopa. From an early age, he showed a keen interest in just about anything mechanical or electrical. And he took every opportunity he could to tinker, a hobby which was encouraged by his father, an engineer. In time he started building his own devices and contraptions which he used for games with other kids, more practical uses, or just to see if something would work. His resourcefulness allowed him to combine things in ways that most people didn’t think of, and to quickly improvise repairs or improvements. Although he has done some hunting in the jungles of 'Okotopa, he never targeted sentient creatures, viewing that practice as barbaric. As he got older, his interests broadened to include a fascination with weaponry and tactics. Since deciding to join the Overlord’s forces however, he has worked at refocusing his passion for weaponry towards non-lethal weapons. He decided to enlist with the Overlord’s forces for a number of reasons. Working for the Overlord would give him access to greater resources and knowledge to pursue his love of tinkering. He feels that working for a cause and moving to a different island would grant him plenty of fresh and interesting opportunities. The opportunity of meeting others who share his interests. And he wants to see the outside world beyond the islands, although the Overlord has imposed certain restrictions, he feels that working for her is his best chance.

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