Isla Aukate
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If you ever have questions
Okay, real quick with the answers…

Bugs: Two or four arms? It varies like the animal bodies of the natives vary. The islands have taurs, digitigrade, plantigrade, and feral critters. The insects do too. Some are very close to humanoid, some are giant walking bugs.

Legal system: Varies as well. Military court is different from civilian. A town may handle things different than a village. As an example, if you break the law on October, the predation island, you might just find yourself ostracized from your tribe and thus no longer protected by them. While in December they might toss you off the island or throw you in jail since December has a lot of jails. And of course the Overlord and her military have their own tribunals. Usually though things are run as they are here. You get fined, maybe arrested. The courts are smaller and sometimes a judge just declares punishments without much in the way of a trial depending on how minor or major an infraction it is and how big the town is. The question is not easy to answer because it’s like asking how earth handles government. It does in all sorts of ways depending on where you are.

For the minions, discipline is handed up through the higher ranks. Your commanding officer might take care of it themselves or hand you off to their superior, or to another officer of equal rank if they think they can't handle things fairly. If possible infractions are dealt with in a manner that does not involve a full blown hearing and investigation unless one is warranted.

Cleaning supplies: At the lair for official clean up jobs there’s plenty of appliances. Boot camp though? You have mops and brooms and buckets and washcloths and cleaning brushes and washboards and clotheslines and soaps. You won’t have any power washers, but you’ll have enough supplies to do things with elbow grease.
Thanks for the answers.
Other questions for Bootcamp:
- What does the Barracks look like: are they tents or a more solid/permanent structure?
- Is the floor of the barracks covered or is it just the natural ground of the island?
- Is there a sort of maintenance/commissary/warehouse tent not mentioned on Kuakua's plan where supplies, like mops and brooms, are stored? If not, where can we find such supplies?
- Are washboard and soap considered as tools for the purpose of the current mission assigned to Base Ops recruits?
- Where can one go to wash something, like dirty blankets?
Comic question: What voice would you say Harvey Torn most sounds like?
Real quick for other people who are looking to this thread for reference, here is the link to the basic layout of boot camp:

To Tamara:

My apologies if it didn’t come across clearly, the NPC assigning someone to the barracks has said “Here is your tent assignment” and have made references to tent flaps when people come and go.  So yes, the barracks are a large tent with a packed earth floor.  The only buildings that are not are ones that require a controlled environment such as a medical clinic or a lab, which would be a prefab structure like a trailer and are not listed in the diagram since they’re not in the main bootcamp area.  

There are buildings not on the diagram.  For example, I’m sure that you answer nature’s call in a designated area and take showers in one.  This is also probably a prefab and kept meticulously clean thanks to a neverending supply of recruits that need discipline.

Supplies can be procured at the check-in tent.  We’ve never explicitly stated that but we wouldn’t have punished anybody for saying “I’ll go to the supply tent and get a bucket”.  It’s okay to check and be sure, but unless we have a huge plot point in the supply area it’s not necessary to have it planned out in huge detail.

Washboards and soap are considered tools and are available.  Consider most basic cleaning tools to be at your disposal.  The line is just drawn at anything electric or mechanical. Cleaning is just expected to be done with elbow grease and not mechanical shortcuts. But if you come up with a clever means to utilize these in a clever manner, more power to you.

You can wash the linens inside or outside the tent.  The general rule of thumb is ‘not in anybody’s way’.  There’s probably an area with clotheslines behind the barracks to hang laundry out to dry.

Hope that helps!

To Williamswiftfoot:

Tim Curry of course.
(12-23-2016, 08:23 AM)Artemis Wrote: Tim Curry of course.

Now that you have said it, I agree no voice could be better! 

I can definitely imagine Tim playing Harvey... It would be scary XD
I don't think there are, but are there any major volcanoes on any of the islands?
"What would you do for a better world?"
The Lair is built in a volcano.
What is the fashion like on the islands?

Does it trend with the outside world or does it vary?
"What would you do for a better world?"
Something I've been wondering about, and I apologize if I give the wrong impression when asking this. Will there be (sometime down the road, when RP and characters are more well established) an opportunity for players to create their own RP lines? Not necessarily canon story lines, but something more for interactions with characters, and other things that may not be touched upon in the more major canonical RP.

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