Isla Aukate
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Kaitlyn Meadows
Name: Kaitlyn Meadows

Age: 27
Preferred occupation: Bartender
Species: River Otter
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Yes
Height: 5' 4"

Appearance: Mostly a typical otter, though her formal/punk styled hair changes color on a near-monthly basis.

Kaitlyn grew up on $IoB, where the long hot summers lent themselves to her species' aquatic lifestyle well. She spent her youngest years in school, where she was often picked on for who she was. She had known from early on that she had an eye for the ladies, and made the mistake of making it known to her friends.

She retreated to music to help her cope with how she was treated, preferring the loud and proud styles of punk, alt, and the like. As high school went on and she further adopted the party punk lifestyle she was better accepted, earning a reputation for being a party girl. Kaitlyn's party lifestyle ended up helping her find a job she enjoyed, becoming a bartender at a local pub.

Kaitlyn saved for a few years before striking out and moving to the city on Aukate, where she eventually tried enlisting in the Overlord's army. That didn't last long, however, as she was unable to cope with the new strictly regimented lifestyle. After resigning, she eventually found a nice place where she could still help the Overlord's forces without being "another cog in the machine;" her favorite job to date, as a bartender for the evening shift at the Freeze Ray Cafe.

She loves swimming, especially in the warmer ocean waters. While she enjoys fish because otter, she far prefers the local take on what we would consider Mexican food. Kaitlyn's top favorite band is Flogging Molly, followed closely by Dropkick Murpheys, and she isn't afraid to jump in a mosh pit or slug it out with drunk friends or unruly patrons. Despite being a generally rough and tumble person she still has a love for adorable little cute things, and can get carried away gushing over something. She definitely takes advantage of the islands' legalization of certain recreational drugs, taking regular trips to Harvey Torn's nightclub to purchase imports and watch the shows.

Kaitlyn is terrified of being teased for her orientation, and tends to use teasing flirty behavior to mask and overcome her fear. She also tends to get more rough than she would like if she has too much to drink, and so rarely does. Kaitlyn is definitely not a morning person, often getting up around noon, and if for whatever reason she does have to get up early she is not a pleasure to interact with for the first couple of hours. She fears your typical spiders and other creepy-crawlies, but can manage her composure enough to try and swat them from the other end of a really long stick.
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I'm in love.Smile <3
Oh, I like her!
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