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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
OOC: same posting rules apply. Please only post once within mod-posts. Mods for this thread are Silver and Chiria. This post is for R&D sorted recruits only.

Silver fumbled to get his notes together. The papers and files had flown in every which way as his morning fumbling had knocked them from their table. He scrambled to get the files back in order in time to get to the tent where he could match the papers back up appropriately. He took a seat at the back of the tent. Sheets of paper, dozens of pens and pencils and technical pens neatly placed in holders awaited the Research recruits. There were examples of the overlord's current technology on another table. None of them were able to be activated, however. Thier innards had been gutted so the shell was all that remained of the examples. After an incident several boot camps ago, Fox felt it was worlds better to show off what the tech she had from a visual standpoint to new recruits. They could get hands on experience later when they earned trust enough that they wouldn't abuse technology like the Bunn-E ray.

On the table were the Overlord's tablets, a much beefier version of the standard issue tablets nearly everyone on the isles had, a hollowed out E-ray, a special battery of which Fox prided it in being her chief export, and a gutted, non-functional shock pole, the standard issue for most military recruits.
The ring of Amos' alarm clock spread through the tent as the clock struck seven fifty five AM. With a groan, Amos' eyes shot open, bloodshot, rage firing their new energy. Grumbling quietly, he rolled over grabbing the clock by the top, and holding the bells tightly so they could no longer ring. The force of which shook the table, his glasses and the picture of his family shaking for only a second on the table. Making sure to examine the clock well, he ensured there was no mistake with the time on the clock. That it went off exactly at the right time. Upon seeing his clock remained honest and truthful as always, much to his despair and happiness, he sighed heavily. Rolling over, he continued to hold the clock tightly. After three or so minutes had passed. He slid his feet off the bed, and onto the tent floor. Then, turning off the alarm on the clock, he set it back down on the table. Getting up, he stretched a little and got ready for the morning. Brushing his teeth, combing and fixing his hair, trimming his grey beard and eventually changing into his new uniform. 

Taking out a small box that fit in his pockets easily enough, and a book labeled Life: A Natural History of the First Four Billion years of Life on Earth, By Richard Fortey out of his suitcase, he walked out of the tent. Squinting his eyes as the sun rose high in the sky. Fixing his glasses, he began to slowly stroll through the camp, looking for the mess hall. Following the signs after a brisk walk, he arrived. Standing in line for a short while, he had acquired a relatively balanced meal, though he had quite a bit on his plate. One of at least everything in fact. Scrambled eggs, several pieces of bacon, an orange and a banana, some orange juice and two pancakes and a crepe. Sitting down he opened his book to find a note from his wife, and one from each of his children. Reading the notes, Amos smiled and wiped a tiny tear from his cheek. Pocketing the notes and then wrapping his napkin around his neck he continued on to eat his food, reading his book quietlyTaking his time as the hour passed before nine. Though admittedly he hadn't had such a down to earth meal in years. Once he took the small box out of his pocket. He opened it and taking out several pills from slots marked with the day of the week, he downed his pills with what was left of the orange juice. Making sure to take his plate to where the other dirty plates were.

After this, he checked his watch. With few minutes to spare. Amos' pocketed his book in his coat. Then quickly made his way to the R&D tent. Walking in, he looked around seeing Silver sitting at the head of the tent. Smiling, he saluted.
"Good morning sir." Then walking to a table that was close to the front, near to where Silver was sitting. He took a seat. Rubbing his nose and wiggling his mustache, he looked around. Surprised he had arrived first. After sitting for a moment he smiled and looked up at Silver 
" Did you have a good morning sir?" Amos asked, eager to talk.
"What would you do for a better world?"
William's restful sleep was broken sharply by the buzzing of his personal tablet, as it rang for the morning alarm. Groaning, the grey fox slowly gets up with a yawn and picks up the two end scrolls. Sliding it open, he dismisses the alarm before pressing the button to pop it back close, and begins to clean and dress for the day.

After taking a brief shower, and freshing up as best he can, William slides himself into his uniform. Sliding on his pants first, he does his best to snap it together without snagging his tail, and makes sure it fits. His pants together he dressing in his uniform coat and smiles, as he admires how well it fits.

"It seems the spider that is rumored to be in employ by the overlord is the best around..." he says to himself as he begins to pocket his tablet in his front pocket when it suddenly shakes. Raising a brow, he pulls it open to find the image of his mother appearing on the glass.

"Why good morning!" William says with a confident smile, happy to hear from them.
"And a good morning to you son...oh my you must have been accepted then from the look at your coat." His mom says with a beaming smile.
William Chuckles in response "Why yes I did. I was just getting together to go in for the first day of training is all." he says.
"Well I hope you have a good day, and know that were rooting for ya" she says with a smile.
"Thanks, anyway, I probably should get going, I'll try to call you back when I have a break."
"Alrighty, have a good day" she says, before the feed cuts off.

The call ended, William sighs with a spry smile and pressing the release button, pops his tablet back closed, before storing it into what he thinks is the primary coat pocket. Finishing up, William gets a light breakfast from the mess hall before hurring over to the R&D tent. Saluting to the guard out front, he casually walks in and finds himself a seat near the front, awaiting to see what this first day of training is to entail.
A series of short vibrations woke Felix from his slumber. The night before he had set the alarm on his tablet to vibration mode and tucked it under his pillow. Upon hearing the sleeping arrangements, Felix made sure to take the extra step not to wake up anyone as he usually needed more time in the morning to get ready because of his paralyzed arm. As Felix pulled the vibrating tablet from under his pillow, the bright light of the screen momentarily blinded him as he hit the snooze button. His tablet had the time five am across the screen as he adjusted the screen brightness to a lower setting. Felix groaned and laid back on his bed holding the tablet to his chest. While staring up at the ceiling of the tent, Felix replayed yesterday's events in his mind. His most vivid memory was waiting in the line in front of the registrar's tent and before he knew it he met his commanding officers, got his uniform and found his cot in a large tent with the other recruits. He was surprised that everything went so smoothly, he half expected his acceptance letter to be a mistake and he would've had to convince them to let him stay. Yet, they asked him a few minor questions and assigned him to R&D without paying much attention to his right arm. After a few minutes of thinking, Felix slid off his cot and began his morning routine. In about an hour, he was in his new uniform, had his tools packed up and his right arm in his black sling. Taking a moment to eat a quick snack and brush his fur, he walked towards the exit of the tent.

The day was still young as Felix emerged from his tent. The first signs of dawn was starting to show as he noticed some light movement from other recruits around the camp.

"I guess I'm not the only one starting the day early." Felix muttered to himself as he walked closer to the beach.

Felix walked to the area where he and the other recruits were dropped off by the ferry. He then sat down on the sand and took out his sketchbook. He wanted to get a another sketch in before he had to report to the R&D tent. Setting up his arm and tools, he began to work. As reporting time drew near, Felix stopped his sketching and began walking towards the R&D tent. Upon entering tent, he saw Silver, a grey fox and an older gentlemen inside the tent. Taking a awkward pause, Felix saluted with the only arm he could towards Silver.

"Good morning Sir."

Felix then walked to the front of the tent, taking a seat near the other two recruits. He was starting to feel a bit nervous as he waited for the rest of the recruits to show up.
Keep moving forward! No matter what! That's my creed. 
A series of soft buzzes began to come out of the tablet next to the red panda's cot but he failed to move. As the minutes ticked by, the buzzes began to become louder and more frequent. Finally, the buzzes reached such an annoying tone that Razzle moved his paw to silence the alarm.

Razzle yawned and stretched. He had to blink his eyes a few times to adjust to the bright sunlight.

"Uggghhh," he thought to himself.  "What time is it anyway?"

He looked at the time on his tablet and saw that it was almost 8:30 in the morning.

"Oh no!" he thought to himself. "I almost overslept! I only have about ten minutes to get up, get ready and get to the dining room for breakfast!"

Razzle then through off the blanket he was sleeping under and quickly brushed his fur and got dressed. Just before leaving the tent, he straightened the blanket and then took off running.

"This is just great!" he thought to himself. "I can't be late. Especially on the first day here!"
Silver fumbled with his notes, Again. As the recruits filed in he was able to get most everything in order. "I'm fine thanks.." he said absently. He looked up at the three recruits and blinked. "Weren't.... weren't there seven of you?" he made a pained face and looked through his notes again. "Amos.... Felix.. William..." He looked around where were the other four? "Sit tight recruits" He said thankful that it hadn't been an error on his part. "I'm sure they'll be here shortly. in the meantime.. I'd like to hear from those of you that are here, what would you like to specialize in in Research? What sort of scientific passions have brought you here?"
Shawn had been restless during the previous evening. The tassel-eared squirrel always had a bad habit of staying up late before a big event the next day, and last night was no exception. His mind had a bad habit of racing through all the possibilities of what might happen the next day, a mix of anxiousness and excitement. Eventually, his mind had become as tired as his body and he'd given himself over to sleep after midnight.

When he finally did wake, he didn't find anyone else in the barracks with him. Curious, he checked his watch. He felt his stomach drop as he read 8:45 on the display.

"Frak me!" He flung the covers off and threw himself out of his bunk. It took him a few moments for him to calm his rising panic before his brain finally began to triage what was most needed before he reported to the R&D tent. The rest he'd have to do without for now.

He grabbed his violet uniform off the nearby table, dressed quickly, and put on his glasses. He took a second to gauge how the uniform felt on him, finding it light and comfortable yet not too loose. Glancing at his watch again, he saw there was only a few minutes before he had to head directly to the R&D tent. He quickly ran a brush over himself, and checked his appearance in a mirror. He figured it was enough to look presentable. He would've much preferred to look sharper for his first day, but being on time seemed a more important objective at the moment.

Grabbing his tablet bag, he headed towards the exit, knowing full well he was leaving his bunk unmade as he left. He hoped no one would notice before he had a chance to return.

As Shawn walked swiftly across the training grounds towards the research tent, trying not to look like he was in a rush, he caught the scents of food wafting nearby from the mess area. His stomach grumbled at him, as if it was angrily scolding him for sleeping in so much and not affording enough time for breakfast. He grumbled in response, knowing full well it was his own fault, but he also couldn't afford to dwell on it. He kept pushing forward until he reached the tent and peeked inside.

He saw a few figures inside and slipped into the closest seat nearby so as not to draw attention to himself as he caught his breath as subtly as possible.
"Well...." William said as he thought for a moment. "I guess I would like to focus on something chemical in my regards." he says. "It's what I am trained it, and it is always been my sort of interest, learning how things work and are put together at the very primary levels." he says with a smile and a wag of the tail, his words showing his passions, though they seem to droop a little as he continues. "Though, why I'm here doesn't so much have to do with them as to do with this" he says as he points to the scar where the chunk of his ear can no longer be found.

"You see...I decided as a present to my folks, I would help them clear out a space for a koi pond...with explosives, and I oops my way into the hospital. This lead to my folks being somewhat afraid I'm going to hurt myself on my own, and feel I needed to apply here for...guidance I guess." he says with a shrug. "I do plan to make the most of this and see if it leads to something really successful though."
Edric grumbled quietly and sat up without opening his eyes, flexing his paws a few times to simultaneously pop the joints and stretch the muscles that extend his claws.

"Mornin folks. You guys sleep as good as I did?" he mumbled quietly. His ears flicked around, tracking the sounds of the island and bustle of the camp but notably missing any hint of movement or sound in the tent with him. Edric opened his eyes slowly as what felt like a chunk of ice slowly settled into the bottom of his stomach, scanning the room.

"Oh you -MORON-!" Edric hissed to himself as he scrambled for his uniform pants and boots, knocking his bedding to the floor as he dressed himself in what could only be described as a barely controlled seizure. Still missing one boot, he very quickly replaced his blanket and pillow on the bed and turned, skipping out of the entrance to the tent while pulling on his second boot.

Edric was still mumbling to himself as he made it to the R&D tent, fastening the last button into what he hoped was the right place as he stepped in the door. He thought to himself that if he slept through everyone else leaving the tent, he had to be late, there was no way he could not have been. That thought involuntarily drew his lips into a thin line and laid his ears back for a moment before forcing himself to a neutral expression. "Control yourself. You are a leopard, salvage what dignity you can." he thought to himself.

Edric stepped to the side to clear the doorway and faced forwards, placing his hands behind his back as he would pacing in his lab at home and waited for a lul in conversation before announcing clearly in Silver`s direction: "Sir? Edric Tolan, reporting."
Amos looked around as Silver noticed the lack of recruits in the tent. Raising an eyebrow at the event.

"Who would have guessed?" He thought, though he simply assumed it was their first day. Getting used to a schedule can be difficult after a long period of not having one. He should know. Sitting quietly, his posture stiff and alert. He listened as one of the recruits who had arrived on time speak about what passions and interests brought him here. While noticing several recruits file in quietly. Once the recruit had finished his reasons for being here, which Amos found rather interesting given the recruit had a talent for explosives, or a lack thereof perhaps. He looked around too see if anyone else would begin, and then quietly raised his hand as he spoke.

"Hello everyone, my name is Amos." He said, putting his hand down, now that everyone knew he was talking.

"I came here because I primarily am looking to do what I can for others in the Overlords forces through psychology and and therapy. Given it is my main field of study, and has been my life's work for many years. If at all possible, I also wish to expand my purview of the medical world, and medical science in general. I want to keep moving and learning, and I felt the best way to do that was to enlist here." He said calmly, explaining this to everyone. Now finished he smiled.

"Thank you"
"What would you do for a better world?"

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