Isla Aukate
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Comic Extras Master Post
I realize that having something with centralized links would probably be a good idea. So here is where I'm going to post my Etsy, my Patreon, My swaggerdile and indyplanet store and honestly anything else relevant to the comic. I hope to fill my Etsy with more than just Chirrs and have some other merchandise related to the comic there. But for now hopefully this will help.

Patreon: Support the comic!

Etsy: (Currently Inundated with Chirrs, This will soon be home to all sorts of creatures and critters from the Isla Aukate Universe as well as some other random merchandise like keychains, pins, decals and other miscellaneous things like that.)

Indy planet: Here you can purchase real copies of the sketch comic books, each of them comes with a 10+ bonus arc or content. You can also download a digital copy of the book, which includes the bonus arc, for $5 each.

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