Isla Aukate
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Rules and Guidelines
Rules and Guidelines for the forum. 

  1. No Erotic RP. You want to have sexy times with other characters you can Fade to black or take it off-site. I don't want it here.

  2. OOC grudges should not be used for Ic reasons to snipe at other people. Inversely Ic actions should be independant of the player's own issues against others. If you don't like another player no-one is forcing you to play with them. Choose a different department, don't cause drama.

  3. No whining if a certain plot action doesn't work in your favor.

  4. Seriously No Erotic RP.

  5. Do not powerplay or Godmode. Examples of this are performing actions for another character that is not yours or injuring or killing another character without thier consent.

  6. If you start a thread you are required to post in it at least 3 times a week so long as there is activity in that thread. Inversely you can say that a certain thread's storyline (that you have started) has run its course and end it.

  7. If you participate in a thread you are required to post in it at least once a week.

  8. You are required to read the threads you are apart of. If you prove over and over again you have not read the threads you are apart of and merely "jump in" and ignore all the setup previously, you will be banned. I do understand threads can get long and tedius and I don't mind informing people every so often that they've missed something. But blatant disregard for all things that happened in the thread so-far will not be tolerated after multiple and repeat offenses. Reading the first few pages of a thread will usually give you a "feel" for whats going on. I suggest at least 4 pages of any thread (or if there less than four pages, the entirety of that thread. ESPECIALLY paying close attention to officers/mods poses. Officers are:Admin/Darius;wolfbane;Silver, Tigermark, Areta, and Artemis. As these characters will no doubt be iterating important plot points.

  9. No magic characters.

  10. You are not the last of your kind, you are not an outcast. In the setting it makes absolutely no sense for anyone to be such. We're an island full of mutant animal people, there's no such thing as being different to the point of ostracization.

  11. Follow proper format and tensing for posting. 
             Namely Past-tense and Novel format: 

    She slipped up behind Hector with a knowing smiled and tugged on one of his ears. "How's your night going, Hec?" There was a pause as the elf turned and smiled down at her.

    "Better than can be expected, quiet, mostly." He handed her a book that one could only presume he'd been reading moments before her interruption. "Can I interest you in some Wilde over tea while we wait for nothing to happen?"

    "Congratulations, Hector, you just jinxed the night." 


    Omg Hector wtf are u doing out here so layte? lol *she plucks at his ear and give a cute little kawaii grin* So like any lk aliens or somejunk attacked yet? LoL ^_^ 

    *Hector proceeds to beat the kawaii catgirl with a book and holy water and threatens and anyone else who rapes proper RP structure like this*
I am an administrator from a technical viewpoint only. I just keep the forums up to date and free from spam, and have no authority regarding the roleplay universe; please contact Foxenawolf for RP issues :3
However, if you're having technical troubles, feel free to shoot me a PM!

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