Isla Aukate
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Why don't humans leave? Why can't I have a car? (Answers, not questions)
Two questions that come up a lot are as follows:

Why don't the humans on Aukate escape to the mainland or elsewhere?


Why can't I have a car/plane/train?

So allow me to explain these two things.

First, why don't the humans leave?  Interesting factoid about the humans on Aukate.  They can very easily live to be two centuries old, some even make it to three centuries.  But the longer they are away from Aukate the faster they age.  A human who is away from Aukate for more than a couple of months will be lucky if they live to see their 50th birthday.  The magic field that shields the island and nudges it in small and subtle little ways also makes the human population very healthy and long lived.  But any human that goes AWOL will be permanently exiled and not allowed to return.  This is a well known fact and one that has been put to the test.  And most of the humans would prefer to live long lives in financial comfort rather than go out into a world where they might live for another decade or so with people thinking they're insane.

Next, why no cars?  The answer is twofold.  Firstly Overlord Rex forbade them and she was beloved enough that people were willing to stick to that.  But the second answer half is the big one.  The Chimenticores.

The Chimenticores are the backbone of most of the islands.  They deliver mail, carry garbage, transport people, and carry cargo through every single island.  They also know that if cars and planes were to become prevalent then they would be out of jobs very quickly.  So if they hear about someone building a motorized vehicle they will start to boycott service to the person and sometimes the person's town until they are encouraged to stop.  There have been instances of houses being ransacked and vehicle prototypes being smashed because the chimenticores refused to deliver mail, food, and carry out garbage.  The chimenticores will not tolerate anything that could cost them their livelihood and control enough of the game to make sure that rule is never broken.

The only way around this is to pay the chimenticores off, which means only the extremely wealthy can afford vehicles and the few that exist and are in use are tightly monitored by the chimenticores.  They refer to these payments as 'permits' and demand a yearly fee that costs as much as the vehicle itself.

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