Isla Aukate
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Boot camp Training Day 1 Military Department.
OOC: same posting rules apply. Please only post once within mod-posts. Mods for this thread are Darius Steele and Tigermark. This post is for Military sorted recruits only.

The morning broke bright and early, the sun already showing it's warmth over the island. As the recruits filed to their respective tents at their respective times, Darius Steele had decided to find some time to grab a cup of tea before settling down at the back of the Military tent. Tigermark was more than capable of training the recruits though Darius had planned on carefully observing the few recruits that military had been able to acquire.

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Boot camp Training Day 1 Military Department. - by Foxenawolf - 04-20-2016, 06:27 AM

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