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Boot camp Training Day 1 Base Ops department
Charon was probably the most nervous of the foursome which came back from the jungle. He could always use his tablet but something told him Cobalt would frown on that. At first he fished through his pack and immediately picked out the few edibles he knew off the top of his head. He took a deep breathe and picked through the roots which he only just saw on his computer device. He knew he would get some wrong and he looked up at Cobalt expecting him to show some sympathy. "I'm sorry sir, while...the tablet is helpful, I can probably name all the fish in the sea by heart but here, I'm out of my element," Charon admitted. "I will do my best to study further."

He placed a few roots in the bin because he had already forgotten what they were called. Some he was proud of remembering the names of them. At least, when it came to the water he knew what it was. "Probably have to boil it just in case," he said to Cobalt. "Fresh water in the canteens."'

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