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Boot camp Training Day 1 Base Ops department
The tigress listened silently to Cobalt's response, her round ears perked up, her tail laying almost completely still, save for a very slow swish of it's tip. His answer wasn't what she expected at all, and, in her opinion, he was twisting her words and twisting the rules set forth one hour ago, before they began their foraging in the forest. But discussing the matter further would serve nothing, except maybe put a definitive end to her career before it even began, or get thrown out of Boot Camp right of the bat, thus she kept her muzzle shut. She just nodded when he explained that the next task would be a group task and they'd need to elect a leader, and the advice and responses he gave to her comrades.

Then she turned to Ara, echoing what Charon said. "They're right, better to be safe than sorry. Get to Medical, and we'll be waiting for you at the tent," she said.

"We sure started that on the wrong foot, didn't we," said Tamara to Charon in reply to his comments, but her short-lived laugh was without any amusement. "I'm used to my island too, my cold wintery island, very different than here. We do have lots to learn, and that will take time."

Then she turned to Freya, and nodded at the dragoness. "Thank you," she told her with a warm smile. "It's very nice of you to share with us." She paused. "And I agree too, we should discuss this leadership thing together at the tent. We'll wait until you are back, Ara," she said to the vixen.

She gave a quick salute to the two Captains, and followed Freya out and back to the Base Ops tent.

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