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Bootcamp training Day 2 Base ops Department
OOC: same posting rules apply. Please only post once within mod-posts. Mods for this thread are Darius Steele, Dexter Cobalt and Artemis. This post is for Base Ops sorted recruits only. Base Ops Recruits are: Digilord, Tamara, Charon, and Ara thorn)

General Steele walked alongside Dexter Cobalt as the two of them made their way to the Base-ops training tent that morning. Darius was going over the detailed report on the tablet but he had been no stranger to the events that transpired on the first day of the Base-ops Training.

"Let’s hope today is better, Dexter." Darius pressed the tablet into his friend's chest when he was done reading it. Dexter grabbed and held it there to prevent it from falling when Darius let go of it and pulled it away from his own chest.

"In fairness." Dexter replied. "Most of what occurred was beyond my immediate control." This got a glare from the General but Dexter continued, though his tone was more placating. "I DO realize they are my responsibility and I do still take responsibility for that. I'm merely observing that I may have had higher expectations and didn't... accommodate properly. Maybe if I had been firmer or.... I don't know... SOMETHING."

Darius's glare held for a few more moments then softened as he sighed. "You couldn't have known, for goodness sake you're a Doctor and a Cook. I shouldn't expect you to understand the deep psychology that comes with this job. Analyzing and judging character to the point of microscopic scrutiny."

Dexter quirked a brow at him. "I SHOULD have."

Darius finally smirked. "That's cheating. Besides if I wanted deep psychoanalysis of our recruits I could have always asked Silver. Except I think after check-in he'd sooner operate on a sea slug than set foot near Base Ops"

"I think you're underestimating him there." Dexter shot back, now smiling as well.

"Do you honestly think he'd want to get near this department?"

"No." Cobalt replied, his tone far more jovial now. "I think he'd be absolutely delighted to operate on a sea slug."

Darius blinked and then his smirk widened into a proper smile as he replied. "Mmm yes I guess you're right. He probably would."

The two of them finally arrived and entered into the tent to wait for their recruits as Darius continued to speak. "We also have a new assignment to fill in the gap left by our sole graduate. That should make things interesting today."

Cobalt made a face as he sat in one of the nearby chairs. "Please don't say it like that... yesterday was 'Interesting', I want today to be easy."

At this Darius laughed and began making tea with the portable kettle on a nearby table. "And you teased me about the last bootcamp run."

Cobalt flinched. "I know.... I know. I just hope Artemis doesn't hold yesterday too much against me."

Darius handed him a teacup and poured them both a measure of tea before sitting down next to his friend and taking a sip. "She adores you, please. Don't worry about that." With his free hand he shook his wrist and checked his watch. "Not long now, drink that while you can, I think you're going to need it."

Cobalt looked down at the Tablet and sent a message to the four Base ops recruits, informing them that it was time for them to meet him in the Base-ops training tent for further instruction for their second day. He made sure the Message was set to ping loudly so that even if they had their tablet on silent it would make a loud sound.

“Brace yourself, they’ll be here soon.”

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