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Bootcamp training Day 2 Base ops Department
OOC: My apologies for not noticing the boards was starting up again. I should have kept tabs on the RP but was busy with work as I am in real life a CPR instructor and FTO for security. *bows head*


Charon had been having fitful dreams of late. The last night was no exception. Maybe it was because he was in a new setting, the lack of food in his stomach or a combination of both he didn't know but what he did know nothing was an excuse for tardiness. It was going to be a show no matter what he did so he hurried to dress himself property with the second set uniform he had been given, giving time to quickly inspect the buttons where shined and the uniform was in proper order.

He quickly walked to the line which was facing General Darius and Captain Cobalt. He knew he would be costing his fellow recruits and he was willing to shoulder most of the blame for his tardiness. He did overhear a punishment to Recruit Thorn and Chambers; a fair punishment to be sure but he was willing to wait an hour earlier if need be. The lanky cheetah bowed his head and spoke up. "My apologies for being late General," he began. "No excuse for this transgression and I am willing to accept any punishment as you or Recruit Tamara wishes to give to me."

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