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Bootcamp training Day 2 Base ops Department
Darius’s eye twitched a little as the cheetah finally entered. He took a deep breath and a long sip of tea and closed his eyes briefly before he spoke.

“So nice of you to join us, Charon.” Another sip of tea. “I was not expecting someone of your… species to be so tardy. Yesterday for your gracious defeat you were given a coin. So I am going to give you a choice, Charon, you can give it up or you can take the punishment I give you for being late.” He exhaled.

“Today three of the four of you will be cleaning the barracks. The fourth, and your leader, Tamara, will be instructing you on this.” the general moved to Tamara. “You three will be working under her direct orders, you cannot do ANYTHING except exactly what she tells you to do.” His gaze fell on the tigress. “And you cannot do more than give orders. You tell them what to do, and they do it. You do not lift a finger on your own.”

He turned to Charon. “Your punishment will be that you must assist them with no tools. No broom, no dustbin… nothing but your hands.” He turned to Tamara. “And you will not coddle him, and give him a job that is easy to do without tools, do I make myself perfectly clear.”

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