Isla Aukate
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Bootcamp training Day 2 Base ops Department
Ketha sighed a bit as Darius began to talk about how their respective tents were being ruined during this meeting. Seriuosly? she thought they are going to make problems for us? She knew at some level that just a simple cleaning duty wasn't all that much, or that hard, but actively destroying where they were staying? That seemed a bit much. It was one thing to challenge them, it was another to purposefully put obstacles in their way. As if she wasn't concerned enough both Darius and Tamara began to mispronounce her name. Were they trying to tick her off?

Ketha's thoughts were interrupted as Tamara began to order the pair. She would be upset later, especially after they could act upon their own initiative again."Yes Ma'am," She said with a quick salute followed by falling in behind Tamara as they left.

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