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Gaming for Kitties
This is just a general notification for anyone interested...

Fox and I every year spend a weekend doing a charity gaming marathon for Big Cat Rescue in Tampa Florida.  You might be familiar with videos from their YouTube channel here:

The event is this coming weekend October 27-28 at my TigerDile channel here:

It runs for 48 hours and this will be our seventh event.  We've made $60,000 total over six events, and would like to continue that and make $10,000 to make our total $70,000 for seven events.  Your donations are tax deductible, by the way!  So you can use your donation receipt to get a break on your taxes!

We're also giving away a prize every hour!  We have a ton of HumbleBundle prize codes which you can transfer to Steam and a lot of other prizes as well including two Kindle Fire HD8s, art commissions, art prints, and an original by Vicky Wyman.  You don't have to donate to be eligible either!  (Because that would be gambling and gambling is illegal.)  The only requirement is that you make sure you're present in channel when the raffle happens.  We do ask for an e-mail, but nobody sees it except Gen and once the raffle is over all the winning entries are cleared.  We will NOT share or sell your e-mail to anybody.

As an added bonus, Foxena will be doing Court Reporter images in the background!  And you'll be able to suggest ideas for her to draw.  (Please note, this is NOT a way to get free art from Fox so images not related to Kitties or suggestions of 'Draw me!' Will probably get ignored while clever ideas of fun things that happen during the event will probably have the heck drawn out of them.)  You can see the gallery of last year's Images here:

While this is happening, Fox will be forced to watch horrible movies in the background for every $2,000 earned, or if an individual donates $1,000 they can pick a movie of their choice for Fox to watch.  If we make our $10,000 goal Fox will have to watch an undisclosed (to her) movie that rivals the horror of all the other movies put together.

For more information, please visit our website here:

Hope to see you there!

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