Isla Aukate
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Shard Loren
Name: Shard Loren
Island of birth: Tiànuare
Age: 23
Preferred occupation: Custodian
Species: Arctic Fox
Eye color: Ice Blue
Hair color: White
Height (in feet and inches): 5, 9

Brief character description: An Artic Fox with a good muscle build and a calm temper. Except when his efforts are overlooked/ ignored has think fur for cold environments. He is skilled with various weapons but his favorites are his Ninjato and shuriken. However as he is a Janitor Shard has also developed a great deal of skill with a Bow staff though most of his time is spent practicing with a brush.

Character background/history: Shard was born in a small Village on the island Tiànuare high in the mountains where he was trained by his parents ,since he was old enough to hold a sword, in the martial arts. Shard had developed a love of keeping things clean as well and saw that as an extension of his martial arts discipline. Shard was hard at work cleaning the Dojo while at the same time he was using his skills to get the job done to perfection when he heard that a recruitment drive had started over on Aukate. He took the first boat he could and signed up. He has never been happier.

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