Isla Aukate
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Wriggle room / Level of liberty
That's what I thought you meant by 'personal agenda'.

Well, thank you for your replies. At least that makes things for me, and, I hope, for everyone else who'll be reading this thread.
I like this way of thougt about trust. It gives a sense of responsibility in what one does and doesn't, and shows if a player truly cares.
We can also say, you basically have to help others have fun.
Thank you guys for clarifying this. Tamara asked a great question I'm sure many of have been wondering, but have been inactive or too shy to ask. I myself am what many would call a "noob" when it comes to role-playing as this is my first one ever. I was worried about over stepping my boundaries, but had a pretty good idea about how to act and behave. This cleans up a lot of grey areas and I'm sure there will be more instances that things will get cleaned up even more.
"You may or may not return home. If I decide to allow you to get back, it will be on my terms and the commander’s.” 
~ Keir speaking a lemur in custody during a scene from my novel.

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