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Character: Garran White
Name: Garran White
Island of birth: Tiurai (desert climate)
Age: 23
Preferred occupation: scientist (mainly physics and engineering: electronic, heavy machinery development and medical technology)
Race: anthropomorphic androsphinx (in short: an anthro lion with wings). He's not actually a pure breed though (the sphinx in his family is his paternal grandmother. As such, natural talents of sphinxes have been passed to him too, but they're obviously damped).
Eye color: dark blue-green
Hair color: black
Height: 7’ 4’’ (approximately), total wingspan 14' 8'' (approximately)

Brief description: White fur and long black mane, white wings, digitigrade. Prosthetic left arm up to the shoulder (see below), some scars on the left side of chest.
Personality: a bit moody. Exuberant when happy or excited, but can be shy and embarrassed when he doesn’t know how he should behave. He is usually comfortable in a discussion only when he knows something about the topic, otherwise he feels out of place.

Background: “I have an impulsive and childish need to see how things work”

Sphinxes are natural vessels for knowledge. It’s a natural instinct, an impulse as strong as every other basic need, a hunger for learning. At the same time, they're also quick to solve problems and creating ones: it's not a coincidence that some are remembered for their riddles. Garran’s favorite field is technology. Since he was a child, the almost magical way technology worked always mesmerized him. There were clocks at first: an endless number of gears working in perfect coordination. Then was electronic: how mysterious was to turn the lights on, almost as a magician pulling a rabbit out of the hat. Soon his first Tesla coil was built. It shouldn’t surprise that on more than a few occasions he was reported to his school’s principal for “improper use of lab equipment”, despite his protests that “it was a cool experiment”.
The more he discovered and learned, the more his hunger for science grew, until his attention was caught by the most elaborated machine: life.

It was a wonderful discovery that anatomy was so mechanical, so technical, like crafted by a skillful engineer. Among the many projects he began building small limb prototypes, simple prosthetics. Bones, muscles, tendons, pistons and cables, wires and actuators, he could spend days alone between his machines working on a new hand or a better interface, delighted by the sight of metallic fingers moving. His only regret was lacking any serious technological equipment: he didn’t have the resources to make good things.

Then he got too far on a project. Without a good budget you can’t expect things always work. He got caught in an explosion, and a sheet iron chopped his left arm up to the shoulder.

Many could have changed lifestyle after that. Garran certainly should have. But how could he turn his back to his own essence? He grabbed what little he still had, took one of the few prosthetics he ever managed to make work decently, had it implanted with the complaints of medics and started again. When he heard of the Overlord’s project, he thought that was the occasion to make his talent and ideas fully bloom and signed for the boot camp.

Every Overlord needs a mad scientist, right?
Prosthetic: don’t be fooled by the idea of a guy with a mechanical limb. The artificial arm is more of a draft, a skeleton-thin work-in-progress, than an elegant piece of technology. As most of nowadays prosthetics, there’s very little sci-fi in them and they’re mostly controller by other muscles. The same applies here: while Garran managed to detect a little neural signal somewhere, he’s far from actually controlling a whole limb with his mind. Think of it as a puppet: with careful train he managed to fake most of the usual functions of an arm basing on some nerves and many other muscles.
But maybe, joining the Overlord’s forces, he’ll one day end up with the sense of touch again…

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