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Why don't humans leave? Why can't I have a car? (Answers, not questions)
@tobi Probably not no. Characters who have magic ability descended from mythicals or Demons to be able to use it. Most descendants of mythicals don't have active magic they can use at their will, (save for perhaps breathing fire as a dragon) And mythical decendants have passive powers, A pegasus being able to fly, A unicorn's horn able to cure poison, Or a sphinx that happens to have an uncanny ability at solving problems. Which can also be chalked up to Something that is just inherant in one's brain. but they can't draw upon it as any form of personal power they can wield at will. It's just sort of there.

Demons or the more PC term "Elementals" Are a different bag entirely (and also restricted species atm) They can only weild the element they were born with and usually require lesser crystals of their element to be able to do any magic. For a fire elemental for example they would need to have a handful of special rubies on their person to use their magic and those rubies would have to be recharged by placing them in fire. Descendants of "Elementals." usually do not exibit magical ability if they have not been groomed by their parents to learn to draw from the crystals to use it. Without the magic in the crystals they can't use magic at all. And only fire elementals can draw upon fire rubies to wield that magic. An earth elemental might harm themselves badly if they tried to pull the power out of a ruby for example, where as a water elemental would destroy the ruby and lose the power inside it, just by trying to use it. There is an exception of non-magic users being able to use the Central Crystal of any given element, but it is usually only with the permission of the crystal itself. And these Central crystals are very well gaurded and [spoilers darling]. they aren't going to fall into the hands of the players here unless I'm guiding a plot that specifically hands someone one.
@Foxena: this actually solves one of my problems! Awesome! I was going to ask if true sphinxes were considered magical, but if this is the situation I can literally skip the subject.
I would say "sort of" A true sphinx can both easily solve and also create problems. (re: riddles) They're probably also lightening quick killers as that tends to be the punishment for getting the wrong answer to their riddles. I suspect that True Sphinxes are gaurdians to the dragon's mountain. Those that aren't employed in the usual means probably spend their days creating puzzle toys. I'd suspect this is the more docile members of their species as well.
Thank you Fox
The point is, I was worried there could have been some sort of "active" magic they could do, thus I would have had to explain that "yeah, I know a bit how magic works, my granny showed me, but can't use it myself", or even worse Sue-ish things, which was a bit lame. But with what you say, I can "formally" treat them as non-magical and not worry about it: from a character creation point of view, sphinxes are just made that way and Garran just inherited some of their innate talent, without being mystical. I was worried there could have been some rule-breaking things that I would have needed to justify.

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