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Freya Swiftwing
Name: Freya Swiftwing
Island of birth: Tiurai
Age: 20
Preferred occupation:  Scout, or possibly an Engineer or mechanic
Species: Dragon
Eye color: Silver
Hair color: Silver
Height: 6'6"

Brief character description: (physical) Freya has a lithe athletic build, stands digitigrade,  and is naturally quite strong. her scales start at a deep blue on the top of her head, and running down her back and onto her tail, but lighten to an ivory color as they get closer to her stomach, chest, chin, and the underside of her tail. the has several stripes that branch off of the darker blue on her back and run not quite completely around her body. Her tail measures almost as long as she is tall; it is prehensile, and ends in a bony serrated blade that's shaped like a spear head. Her wingspan measures just over thirteen feet, and her wings start dark blue at the top, and fade to ivory near the bottom.  Her hair is long, and reaches down to the small of her back. She keeps it either wrapped or braided when she's flying. She has a fairly long broad muzzle that is full of sharp teeth. She has a pair of horns that grow from just above and behind her ears and they have a very slight downward curve. She is known to occasionally adorn her horns in jewelry(if/when allowed).  It should also be noted that she does possess the ability to breathe fire.

(Personality) She's a little feisty, and very determined.  She likes to try to see the best in others, but past experience can sometimes make that difficult.  She loves to explore, and experience new things.  She has a natural knack for understanding, and being able to dismantle/fix mechanical things, though if she's distracted too much she'll often loose complete track of what she was doing and screw the whole thing up.  While she's graceful in the air, she's a bit clumsy on the ground.

Character background/history:  Freya was born to an influential family on the island of Tiurai, she grew up as a middle child in a family of busy parents, and competitive siblings.  She often felt overlooked by her parents and simultaneously smothered by her siblings.  As she got older, and entered her teenage years she often ended up on her own, exploring the island or visiting villages further from her family home.  In the villages, she sought out stories from beyond the island, which more frequently included the exploits of the Overlord and the empire she was building.  Freya found the idea of being a part of a group that were all working toward the same, or at least a similar big picture to be attractive when compared to the squabbling and competition among her siblings. 

Eventually she gathered up enough courage to inform her parents of her intent to join the Overlord, and while they didn't openly disapprove of this choice, it was plain to see that they didn't really approve of it either.  Her siblings were, on the other hand, much more open in their derision; claiming that she wouldn't make it more than a month before she came crawling back home.  As a result of this, she doesn't often speak of her family.  If you think it's tough to get information about them out of her, it's even more difficult to get her to even consider calling on whatever political pull she may have through them.  She is determined to make her own way, whichever way that may be.

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