Isla Aukate
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Fourth Year Winter
With a phenomenon that comes back with such regularity, and also disrupts the usual life on most, if not all, of the archipelago, the locals would probably have given it a specific name?

'The Fourth Year Winter' is an obvious name for everyone. I could see it in conversation: 'The tree froze to the core during the last Fourth Year Winter.' Especially scary if you're talking about a palm tree on the coast of Aukate! Tongue  What do you think?

Also, even though it is a regular and known phenomenon, some people are bound to ask why every four years, and not three or five or ten? And maybe there are legends and sayings about it? If not, would the players be allowed to create some and propose them to the team of creators?

And, finally, a plot idea that immediately springs to mind: what happens if the Fourth Year Winter does not come? How do people react, and why has the Fourth Winter not come? Wink
Leap Winter.
Leap Winter work too, indeed! ^^

Does that means that it occurs on leap years?

Speaking of years, are the Calendar islands following the same calendar as the outside world?

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