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Check in to boot camp
OOC: DO NOT POST MORE THAN ONCE inbetween mod-posts. At this time, Darius Steele is the only Mod in this thread. This is to keep things less cluttered, more structured, and allows me to process all of you in a timely manner. I am starting this thread early, so that I know exactly what I am dealing with. The following characters HAVE GRADUATED BOOTCAMP AND SHOULD NOT BE PRESENT IN THIS THREAD.

Tiger Mark

You will be entering into the Citadel once that opens a week from now. Please be patient with me. Tigermark is the only exception to this as he will be helping me in future threads in the boot-camp section.

Everyone else, your canon has been wiped, you were never in the original wave of Bootcamp and this is your first time ever coming to the island to be processed.

Here is how things will go. When you arrive you will form up in line outside the registrar's office. Darius will process each of you individually in order of your post. He will process you based on your character's profile sheet, that will be your "file" for him to read and review.

Please be sure that your posts are at least 3 sentences long, and please refrain from quoting other users, using smiley faces or other emoticons. Instead of quoting other users make it clear in your post who you are talking to.

Also please refrain from using @ [insert username here]  as well. to get another users attention. You can use that all you want outside of the RP threads in the OOC section. do not use it here.

Lastly DO NOT ALTER YOUR FONT COLOR/SIZE FOR ANY REASON. This can be confusing and hard to read. Don't do it. IF you are thinking something indicate you are thinking it, don't change your font color to show when you are speaking or thinking something. If you have questions go to the OOC sections to ask them please.
Darius slumped into his chair behind his desk inside the registration tent. The Ferry with the new recruits was fast approaching and soon he'd be going through the usual rigamarole. Inside the tent with him were two new additions to his staff. Dr. Garret Silver, and Dexter Cobalt. The latter looked a bit strange in the overlord's uniform, though it was mostly for help and formalities sake. Dexter wasn't a part of Her majesty's forces but he did work for Hector which made him at least partially qualified to help his friends out. The two were seated on either side of the lean General. Or rather they would be, except that Cobalt had a hard time ever keeping still and was busying himself with the small teapot and hot plate set up in the corner of the room, fixing a pot of tea to hopefully calm Darius' nerves as the new recruits began flooding in. Silver couldn't help but muse at the fact that the current recruitment party for an island chain full of sentient, sapient animals, consisted of three ostensibly human officers.

"Unleash the dogs of war..." Darius sighed as Dexter handed him a cup of freshly brewed tea.

"And cats... and rabbits and deer and..." Silver stopped when Darius rendered him a sidelong look, and the Doctor held up his hands defensively. "I'm just trying to lighten the mood, I know this is stressful for you."

Darius took a sip of his tea and adjusted his picture of Rain on his desk. "It helps that I'll have help from the beginning this time around. LAst time was..."

"You were unprepared." Dexter remarked finally sitting down again and crossing his arms over his chest. He was used to more casual wear and the uniform was something he'd have to adjust to. "It didn't help Fox all but dropped you into this job without any warning.... or Training. Besides I'm looking forward to helping, and to see if it really is as trying as you made it out."

"Oh watch it will be a cake walk now and you'll wonder what all the fuss was about." Darius smirked, sipping at his tea again. "Sit tight gentlemen, I think they're coming now..."
Entering the tent slowly with the other recruits the shortly statured Grey Fox, does his best to look forward from his thoughts. His parents pushing on him and the arguments they had gotten into over it were still fresh on his mind, but at this point it was all but over, and he knew whenever that next visit was it would be back to being nice.

As he looked up to wear he expected to see his recipients, he raised a slightly confused brow, as in front of him were three...humans? The thought of such was strange to him, as far as he knew the Overlords forces were animals like himself.
Cobalt got up and shooed the rest of the recruits out of the tent. "Stay outside one at a time we'll tell you when you can come back in!" He turned to the fox with a smile and inclined his head pointing to Darius' desk. "He'll take care of you." Cobalt said calmly trying very hard not to show his teeth too much.

Darius glanced up at William and did his best to smile. He sorted through his files and found the one he was looking for. "Mr. Swift step..." He scanned the file and set it down. "Chemistry hmm?" The general glanced at the red-headed human sitting next to him who looked up suddenly with curiosity. Darius continued. "Impressive resume, what made you interested in chemistry?" Darius carefully slid the file over to Silver who studied it more thoroughly while William answered the query.
William nods and turns towards Darius a little nervously does his best to look presentable. Hearing with the question he perks up a little before saying calmly "Thank you" to the compliment before answers "I would say more than anything I am interested in Chemistry because I have a innate curiosity to figure our how the world works, and sometimes how to improve it." He then pauses for a moment, and gathers "and well, to me Chemisty leads into the very building blocks of the world around us, and thus I entered the field to be able to work with thoes said blocks."
Freya was glad to finally be off the ferry, nerves combined with a touch of sea sickness had made it an unpleasant ride.  She took a deep breath as she stepped back onto solid land, already beginning to feel at least a little better; now if she could only settle her nerves a bit more she would be in great shape.  

She clung to a small bag that held a few minor personal possessions and sundries one would expect to need on a trip, she wasn't sure that she would need them or even be allowed to keep them, but she wanted to be prepared.  She looked around for a brief moment before her gaze locked onto a fox that seemed to know where he was going.  She followed the fox to the tent, nearly on his heels, and stepped into the tent right behind him.  She looked at the three humans at the table in the Overlord's uniforms, and all she could think to say was "Huh." before one of them got up and shooed her and any other recruits that had followed her out of the tent.

She stood outside the tent, waiting and trying again to calm her nerves as she did.  It was one thing to say you were leaving home to join the Overlords forces, it was a whole other to actually get up and do it.  She remembered what her brothers and sisters had said when they found out about her intentions.  Just the memory served to solidify her resolve, and she found herself calming quite a bit as she remembered her reasons for wanting to come here in the first place.
Silver set the file down. "Everything seems to check out, General." Silver said to Darius with a smile. Darius nodded to the Doctor and took the file back from him. "In that case, welcome aboard." He pulled a slip of paper from the file and handed it to William. "This is your tent assignment. You'll be staying in the Barracks for Research and development. Please go to the uniform tent that's behind mine and get yourself fitted in your first uniform. You'll have others issued to you once you clear boot camp. You'll report to the Reasearch and Development Tent tomorrow morning at Nine AM.

Silver got up and shook his hand as well. "I'm in charge of R&D here, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, Mr. Swiftstep."

Darius picked up his cup of tea. "Dismissed! Dexter, bring in the next one."

Dexter pulled back the tent flap and guided Freya inside. "You're up, ma'am."
Freya stepped carefully into the tent, and after a very brief look around, positioned herself a couple steps in front of and centered on the desk inside the tent.  She offered a slight smile.  "Sir."  She said as she came to a halt, feeling that it was probably a safe way of presenting herself.  After that she simply stood in place and waited patiently until she was addressed.
William nods as he takes the paper and reads over it so he make sure he knows where to go. "Thank you" he says, before looking to Silver as he got up and shaking his hand with his soft black paws with a smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you, and I look forward to working with you as well." he says.

Having been dismissed, he bows lightly to the three commanders, and turns and slowly walks calmly out of the tent. As he leaves he lets out a minor sigh himself "Perhaps my parents were right about this..." he says as he looks about for the uniform tent that Darius had instructed him to go too.
Darius peered up at Freya appraisingly and found her file in the stack. Silver was all but staring at her having not really been exposed to many dragons before. Darius skimmed through her file and pursed his lips, looking over at Cobalt who quickly sat down again and attempted to look professional beside the General.

"Miss Swiftwing." He chuckled. "It would appear Swift is a popular component of Surnames here. The man before you was named Swiftstep." He flipped through the files. "Let's see... Mechanic or a scout... thats a bit of a range of interests, If I may, what are your personal reasons for these occupations? What do you like to do in general?"

The uniform tent was headed up by a pretty crested Gecko. She calmly ushered William inside her tent and began eyeballing his measurements to see what would fit him best before selecting a uniform for him from the piles and piles of them. "It's not perfectly tailored, sir but it should do." She handed the uniform to him along with an extra. "Take note of the size. In case you run out of your spare."

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