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Check in to boot camp
Shawn had followed the large human into the tent at his beckoning and took the offered seat before yet another two on the other side of a large desk. He didn't have long to even size them up before he was already being peppered with questions. The squirrel felt his stomach do a flip or two at the mix of emotions he was feeling at the moment, but took a breath before he gave a measured response. After all, first impressions meant everything.

"Sir, I have significant experience with computer and systems building, as well as integrating hardware and software together. While software programming and development is not my forte, I am competent enough to understand software code and how it works with the system as a whole. My goal would be to be involved with development of cutting edge systems and projects, the kinds of things that can make life more efficient and yet safer for everyone." He nervously thumbed the tiny silver ring on his finger, as if it were some testament to his statement.
Darius rubbed his chin and glanced toward Silver. "Sounds like a fair recruit for the technological wing with miss Fisher and Dr. Archeus..." Silver nodded in agreement.

"I agree." Silver handed the file back to Darius who removed a slip of paper from the file and handed it to Shawn. "You'll be placed in the Research and development department, This is your tent assignment for the R&D barracks. Pick up your uniform behind this tent and settle in. You'll report to the R&D Project tent tomorrow at Nine Am, Dismissed." Darius looked up and smiled at Dexter. "You can bring the next one in."

Cobalt got up again and peeked through the tent to a Coyote. "Next Recruit!"
Shawn couldn't help but let a small smile draw across his face before standing and taking the offered paper. The placement sounded perfect. He nodded as he turned for the exit. "Yes, sir. I appreciate it. Thank you, sir."

He felt a large wave of relief wash over him as he walked out towards the next tent. While he had no doubt there would still be challenges ahead, the brief screening session was behind him, and with it that inherent feeling of intimidation.

The squirrel made his way to the next station and noted the same tall dragon from before already inside. He figured it best to wait outside to be called in, just like the previous station.
Freya nodded as she looked dubiously at the uniform she was given.  "This is going to take some getting used to." She commented on having to thread her wings through openings.  She smiled as she answered the geko's question.  "I am, a chance to get out and explore and be a part of something bigger." She grinned.  "Not surprised you don't see many other dragons.  They're kinda top of the food chain back home.....figuratively speaking of course....not many want to give that up to start at the bottom here"  She shrugged.  "Thank you."  She said as she tucked her uniform under an arm and prepared to leave the tent.
Perking up as the large human beckoned for the next recruit, Ian hastily tucked the rag he was using to clean his paws into his back pocket and entered the tent. He was barely able to contain a mixture of surprise and curiosity as he saw two more humans inside. Humans were uncommon enough, particularly in the small port town he called home. Doing his best to appear professional and composed, he stood in front of the desk, greeting the apparent commander with a respectful "Sir."
Darius pulled out another file and flipped through it and then handed it off to Silver. "So your file says you're interested in research and Development, what sort of skills are you hoping to lend to our service?" Darius stifled a cough and took another sip of his tea. Dexter bit his lip and went to make him another cup. Silver looked through Ian's file with some amusement. "Hey your first name is the same as his brother." Silver pointed at Cobalt who was lost in making tea for the general.


The Gecko helped Freya out. "Go get some rest, dear. You'll have a big day tomorrow." The Gecko motioned for Shawn to enter and after a few measurements was able to grab a two uniforms for him. "Here you are sir! The Research tent, is over there."
Ian paused for a moment as he thought out his response. "I have a great deal of experience with repairing, modifying and upgrading older machinery and improvising new equipment to fit a role with limited resources. In my home town, you can't always rely on being able to get what is needed and so you must be able to improvise a solution. Also, I have a fair deal of experience with electrical systems. Tinkering and experimenting in order to find the best solution to a problem is a passion of mine and, if you don't mind my saying, I'm quite good at it Sir."
Darius nodded. "Sounds like R&D will be a good fit for you then." Silver handed the file back and stood up offering his hand. "I'll be helping you out in R&D tomorrow, Nice to see more people in my department!" He shook Ian's hand.

Darius handed Ian a slip of paper and smiled. "Here's your tent assignment, Be sure to pick up your uniform in the tent behind this one. You'll report to the R&D project tent tomorrow at nine AM don't be late."

Dexter set a fresh cup of tea down for Darius and picked up and cleaned out the old one. Darius took a long drink from it and rubbed his throat. Dexter raised a brow. "Still getting over that cold?"

Darius grunted. "I'm fine... bring in the next recruit, Dexter." Cobalt nodded his head and got up, moving to the flap and ushering Nyght inside. "Next in line!"
Smiling, he shakes Silver's hand and takes the slip of paper from Darius. "Yes Sir. Thank you Sir." Shouldering his bag once more, he exits the tent and goes to pick up a uniform.
Freya left the uniform tent. She was still feeling quite excited and was unsure just how much rest she was going to manage to get at the moment.

She smiled and waved at the squirrel waiting outside as she left.  She paused long enough to double check her tent assignment before heading off to find it.  She passed a coyote on the way that seemed to have just come from screening.  Seems like things have already picked up; she thought to herself as she made her way to her assigned tent.

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