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Check in to boot camp
While he had been listening to some of the conversations, muffled as they were through the tent, it seemed a bunch of folk were R&D Bound. At least he'd start with people he knew he thought to himself before being snapped out of his train of thought by the human pulling the flap back. While he might not have been expecting that sight, he knew there were a few human scattered around, some even here at the Lair.

"Yes, Sir!" He nodded quietly as he moved into the tent, standing at attention before the desk.
Darius pulled out his file and thumbed through it. "Lets see..." He handed the file over to Silver. "Looks like another one for you. Doctor." Silver smirked and glanced through the file as Darius spoke.

"Could you tell us a bit about your specific interests, Mr. Panthyr?" Darius folded his hands before him on the table. Dexter sat down again next to him and watched the proceedings. Silver was getting the lions share so far but he suspected that might change soon.
A tall, lanky feline walked to the back of the line waiting his turn to meet the head of the camp.  He came from the island Me and with a background of swimming and fishing; he really didn't know where he would fit into this Overlord's camp.  He secretly hoped it would be in a guard position but he was ready whatever the leader would throw at him hopefully.

The feline, a cheetah, was wearing black shorts with a red and black t-shirt.  He had just came from the boat directly to the camp and didn't have time to change.  A small wisp of wind whistled through the camp blowing the small tuft of hair at the cheetah's forehead.  All around him, he saw many of the possible recruits enter and exit the tent.  Each with the expression of nervousness, apprehension and excitement all rolled into one.  He himself felt these emotions and he hoped to have hid these emotions deep down but with what he have heard, the leader was well versed in command and military protocol. 

He sniffed the air, the smells of the ocean still lingered in the air.  It was a calming effect for the cheetah and he took a deep breathe.  He would be alright here and would continue to follow his dream.  Maybe the Overlord would be kind enough to help him and teach him new talents and skills he had yet discovered for himself. 

He quietly waited to be called into the command tent as yet another recruit exited.
The short white vixen stepped off the ferry with her bag of clothes and books and other necessities across her back, adjusting her somewhat 'business formal' attire: pleated black skirt, blue raw silk blouse and a sleek dark grey "power blazer" with a few pins of her academic societies on the left. Of course, it was completely incongruous for her to be wearing brass and leather goggles on her head, but she didn't seem to notice anything odd about that. Straightening her long, crimson tipped ebony hair and her high dark red ponytail, the girl peered about at her new surroundings and other faces. She beamed at everyone, sunnily cheerful, offering her hand on the merest hint of interest and launching into a gushing overflow of how excited she was, how much of an honor it was to be here and amongst such distinguished people!

Ara stepped into line obediently, humming to herself, stepping from foot to foot in her comfortable strapped shoes, looking somewhat out of place to her other attire: they looked like sport shoes instead of something formal. She watched the procedures ahead intently, looking to see if anyone looked abashed, or dismayed, but so far it looked like everything was going well, and that only made her beam wider, her black and pupiless blue eyes glittering, ears pricked high and waving her tail behind her, ocasionally bapping the person standing there. "Oops, sorry. Just excited! Isn't this exciting? Aren't you just dying to get started? I wonder what it's really like! Think of all the tools we'll get to see and use, the knowledge, the projects...oh, yesyesyes!" She clasped her hands at her chest and squealed gleefully!

She watched each person, so far most seemed to be heading to a tent next to this one and then coming out with the Overlord's uniforms in their hands: mmhkay, that must be outfitting. Most were headed towards one of the big tents and she wondered to herself; same sort of proficiencies? Interests? Is it split up by Season groupings? She restrained herself from dropping her bag and scampering to take a quick look: she was sure that wouldn't make a good impression. As it was, she was concerned about disturbing people with her bouncing around while doing her meditative thinking and sheering off excess energy. OOoo, would they keep her from going out? Or stargazing? Did they even have whiteboards or 'Net here? She chewed her lip adorably at one corner in consternation, bouncing on the balls of her feet.
Nyght stood at a relaxed Attention position, being ready to answer the questions given to him. "Sir, I studied Security for computer systems. No matter how strong the encryption, there is always a way in, given enough time. I find look for these entrypoints and show them to the system admin while showing how to correct and negate potential loss of confidential data. I used my skills to help the people on my home island keep their networks safe as well as occasionally seeing if I could make my way into encrypted systems...under permission of course. If I was successful, I would leave a calling card and then get in touch with my contact. I wanted to use my abilities to better the Islands. And.." he blushed a bit "Speaking frankly, the Lair's systems are much more impressive, which means more people would be trying to find ways in. I want to stop them"

He stood back a bit, looking to the gentlemen, awaiting their answers.
Darius raised his brows, impressed. "I see. I think you'll fit in just fine here."

Silver stood up and offered his hand. "Glad to have you on board you'll be seeing me tomorrow in the project R&D tent."

Darius took the file back, removed a slip of paper and handed it to Night. "This is your tent assignment you'll be reporting to the R&D Barracks and tomorrow morning at..." He glanced at Silver.

"Nine... you've been telling them."

"Nine AM..." Darius continued with a smile. "You'll report to the Project Tent. The uniform Tent is behind this one, Stella will get you suited up. Dismissed!" He picked up his teacup and took a long drink from it. "Dexter bring the next recruit in please."

Silver chuckled. "We might actually get through the crowd in a timely manner this time."

Darius took another drink. "Here's hoping."

Cobalt pulled the tent aside and beckoned the cheetah forth. "Welcome to boot camp come in sir."
He nodded quietly as he took the slip of paper after shaking Silver's hand. "A pleasure, Sir... I will see you tomorrow" He took the paper and moved out of the tent and around to the Uniform Tent, looking towards the other tents, getting ideas of where he was to go afterwards, who to meet, and who to not bother. His mind focused on the new possibilities of working in the Lair, all the new technology and new "toys" to play with.
The cheetah saw a hand beckon him inside the tent.  'Strange,' he thought to himself.  'No fur.'

He walked in, apprehension betraying his normally stoic features.  He observed a sight he thought he'd never see; humans.  He sniffed the air and besides the aromatic scent of tea; he smelled an aire of authority and calmness.  This certainly was a person who exhibited his position well. 

"C-Charon Bond," the cheetah began, stuttering the first letter, a tic he had never quite mastered.  "I come from the island Me.  A pleasure to meet you all."

If he would have said anything else, he'd swear butterflies would come flying from his mouth.  'Great, all this for nothing, must do better,' he said to himself. 

He had no idea how to stand, speak or whatever military personnel do but he attempted to exude a level of calmness to these people.
Darius smiled and pulled out the Cheetah's file looking it over. He glanced at Dexter this time but for the moment he held onto the file. "Welcome Mr Bond." He scanned the file and set it in front of him. "I fear that we don't have much in the way of your immediate interests. Perhaps you could elaborate what it is you would like to contribute to so that we might find a more suitable fit for you?"


The Gecko was hard at work getting uniforms for the next two recruits, The Coyote and then the panther were quickly measured and brought out their uniforms and the spare. "Have fun you two tomorrow is going to be a busy day."
Edric quietly jogged up to the back of the check-in line, his ears perked into the wind and struggling to control his breathing. The times he had left his home island had always been unpleasantly warm, and his own excitement did not help matters. He nearly jumped off the ferry before it had actually stopped, and nearly tripped over his own feet scuttling around trying to find the check-in tent.

Strolling to the back of the rapidly shortening line, he looked up at the sky with a smile and whispered something under his breath. He considered introducing himself to the others but stopped himself short: How many of these would he ever see again after this? Would he even have time to say his name before his turn was called? Judging by the speed of the line, he would not. All that mattered was controlling his pulse, and wiping the grin off his face that he knew was stuck fast.

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