Isla Aukate
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Check in to boot camp
He smiled and nodded as he took his uniform and spare, looking to the Gecko before to the Coyote before him. He had heard muffled mumbling through the tent... too thick to hear much else, maybe he was R&D too. He walked up and past the Coyote for the moment, headed to the barracks for R&D, that would be the ultimate test, if he followed him to the barrack. Heck.. he might end up with a friend before all this was over.
Tamara stepped foot on the small island of Kuakua with a smile on her black lips, humming a soft tune as she disembarked among the crowd of new recruits who came on the ferry. There were so many people, all so different, from many of the islands; a much more diverse bunch of people than back at her home town.

Although, truth be told, the highlight of the trip had been when the ferry had left the cold of the Winter Islands' region and crossed into the more temperate climates, then the really warm one. Being able to enjoy the caress of the sun on her fur directly was something that she could seldom do back on her home island of Tiaanuare/January, and she spent every moment she could up on the deck, soaking in the sun rays. She also thanked the powers that be that it was currently summer on her island, thus she had her shorter and much less fluffy summer coat, else she'd have suffered a lot under the warm climate of Summer Islands.

The tall tigress was wearing a fading crimson t-shirt, almost matching the color of her bangs of hair at the shoulders, and fading to almost white at the bottom, and a pair of jeans cut short just above the knee. Given the climate, she saw no need to wear anything around her paws, and delighted at the feeling of the warm sand, then the short grass and the earth, as she stepped out of the ferry and walked closer to the tents. She checked her hair again, to make sure that her locks of hair around ehr head where neatly secured by the small red hairclips she favored, making them almost unnoticeable, while her long brown hair flowed freely along her back, almost reaching the base of her tail, and she shouldered her small duffel bag as she took place in the line in front of the Check In Tent.

The small blue and red yinyang jewel that she wore on her tail, attached with a golden ring, would sometime catch and reflect a ray of light as her tail flicked slowly while she waited. Her ears perked when she caught sight of what was apparently a human hand waving the potential new recruits inside, and her tail flicked a bit more, her curiosity piqued. Curiosity which would be soon satisfied given the rapid pace at which the line was moving.
Darius glanced at Cobalt. "Why don't you take him off to the side and discuss some options with him. I need to keep the line moving. Garret, could you bring people in for me?"

Silver nodded and got up as Cobalt bade the cheetah to sit off to the side where he could have more time to think on what sort of skills he could bring to the table.

Silver pulled the tent flap aside and motioned for Ara to enter. "Welcome, come in."
The cheetah followed Cobalt to the side of the tent to listen to what Cobalt had to say, but before he would do so, Charon spoke up. "I just want to help out wherever I can," he said. "I've always wanted to try my hand at security. I've always been known to notice things before others. I also am pretty decent with fishing; either in or out of the water."
Cobalt nodded. "Meet with me tomorrow at the base ops training ground at ten AM. I've got some ideas." He took the file from the desk and found the slip of paper and handed it to Charon. "Heres your tent assignment, go behind this tent to the next one and get your uniform. You're dismissed." And with that Cobalt helped the cheetah out of the tent.
Ara's ears flicked, picking up murmurings, movements, trying not to pry, she looked up as a red-haired human dressed in Minion colors (who looked more comfortable in them then the stockier one before) opened the flap and bade her enter. She bounced forward, looking at the cheetah and the other human's exchange before dropping her bag to one side and throwing her arms around Silver to give him a fierce hug! GLOMP! "Ohh! Thank you SO much for allowing me this opportunity! It's fantastic! And my stars and garnets, but that is the reddest hair I've seen on a human! It's so fluffy looking! And...", her middle-class British-sounding accented voice paused as she looked from one human to the next, "..are you all feeling okay? You're all so pale! And coming from a white-furred vixen, that's saying something, I don't mind telling you! Are you getting enough sun? We are all of us made of star-stuff you know! Dr. Sagan said that!"

She bounced from Silver's side, waved cheerily at Cobalt and the discomfited looking cheetah, and over to the seated man with the tea. "You must be in charge! My mum always told me that a person could tell that the most privileged person was the one drinking the tea! Hullo, sir, I'm Aralyn Thorn. Most call me Ara, or that weirdo, or the strange kid, but I prefer Ara, it's less derogatory, and is actually my name. Don't you think? I can't tell you how excited I am to be here! Well, okay, actually I could, but I really don't want to waste your time, and I'm sure it would just bore you to tears anyway!"

The little white vixen rocked back and forth on her heels and clasped her hands behind her back, her fluffy white brush swishing rapidly, ears flicking and making her sets of earrings tinkle together as she beamed from one face to the next!
Silver twitched a little as he was hugged and just stood there dumbfounded even after she broke it off and wrapped his arms around his chest, glancing at Darius, the same bewildered expression still covering his face. Darius' head jerked back a little as he watched the display and kept a close but quiet eye on her until she finally stopped talking. The general took a sip of his tea during her introduction and searched for her file, his face going a slightly paler shade when he noted her preferred occupation.

"First thing, please don't hug your commanding officers. Silver is a psychokinetic empath and he has the potential to harm you if he's startled. You're lucky he has enough control he did not. I would rather you not test your luck, besides being well on the side of unprofessional." He flipped through the file. "Now then, I'll note your impressive list of interests but your enthusiasm requires a bit of tempering. Cobalt, would you mind taking miss...." Darius paused. "Thorn... under your command during base ops training tomorrow?"

Cobalt looked up from the Cheetah and nodded. "My pleasure I'll have her whipped into shape in no time."

Darius smiled and Silver quietly sat next to him again. "Excellent." The General replied and pulled out a paper slip. "Here is your tent assignment, You'll be quartered in the Base ops Barracks and you'll be able to pick up your uniform in the tent behind this one, you'll report to Base ops tomorrow at Ten AM. Dismissed!"
Tamara stepped forward as Ara was ushered in, waiting patiently for her turn to be invited into the tent and get her quick welcome speech, or something alike, she supposed. Her round ears perked up and one eyebrow moved up as she heard the excited chatter of the white vixen start before the tent flap had even had time to fall back in place, muffling every sound coming from inside the tent. That one was definitely a bubbly one, and the tigress silently pondered if it was just because of having finally arrived on the island, the first step to, maybe, becoming a Minion on the Overlord's forces, or if she's always like this. She cringed inwardly at the thought, then shook her head and chased those thoughts away. She had to focus on the here and now, and make a good impression on whomever was inside the tent, Human or not.
The vixen slowed down her swishing tail and looked at Silver apologetically. "Oh, crumbs, I'm terribly sorry, sir, I was just very excited and I've been told I get a little too exuberant, and I'm not sure what a psychokinetic empath is, but I meant no harm! Mum says I have issues with personal space, which is sorta weird, because space is out there, and it belongs to everyone...", she trails off and dips her ears. "Right, um, sorry."

The paler shade on the General's face wasn't lost on the vixen, who bit and chewed her lip, listening to his evaluation. Tempering, that's a process by which metal is forged and hardened, honed, strengthened. That's a good thing, right? She looked at Cobalt as he replied, and her tail tucked and hands went behind herself defensively. Whipped?! Surely they didn't mean, they wouldn't....she took the slip of paper offered to her and swallowed. "Um, yessir, thank you sirs."

Picking up and slinging her bag, the vixen straightened herself up and pricked up her ears so she could show a better public face and slipped out of the tent to pad off to get her uniforms, managing a slight smile at the next in line.
Edric watched the vixen leave the tent with a mixture of curiosity and apprehension, knowing that now it was the moment of truth. He carefully ducked into the tent upon hearing his name called, looking up at the waiting faces as he gathered his tail around one leg to keep it out of the way. 

Grinning nervously, he reasoned that the older human was probably the one in charge and introduced himself. "Edric Tolan, reporting in what is hopefully the right tent to the right people." he said with a slight bow of his head.

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