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Check in to boot camp
The feline smiles at the vixen. "Each of us probably had a cooking experience they would like to forget in their younger days; myself included," Charon said. "I attempted to be helpful and spilled two cups of hot coffee on myself one time. Thankfully the fur stopped most of the scalding hot liquid but I still went to the hospital to be checked out."

"We're all here for each other; I think it's why we came here in the first place," the cheetah said. "And for brekkies, I prefer my poison sludge with lots of pepper and spices."
Amos slowly walked down off the fairy. "My it's been an awful long time since I left the main island. I've really missed the sway of a boat. How it rocks baack and foorth, siide to siide." Amos said to his wife, mimicking the motion as she held tightly to his arm as they walked down the ramp onto the dock. She smiled as he rocked as he described.
"I know love" She said, carefully guiding him down the ramp. Reaching the bottom safe and sound, she let go of him gingerly and looked at him. "So, do you have everything you need sweety?" She asked, looking him over. Dusting his suit off with her hands.
Patting himself down, he looked in his pockets. Pulling out a few papers here and there, his wooden pipe, and a few other trinkets. Then, putting them all back and away, he nodded. "I would think so, it's either in my suitcases or I don't need it." He said assuredly.
"Hmm, well that's good dear." She said still dusting him off. Standing up straight again, she smiled though she was clearly worried. "I... are you sure Amos? I mean, there's no shame in backing out if you aren't sure. We can always reschedule and the overlord always has need for new people. We are plenty well off and I doubt..." She was cut off by Amos lifting her head, as she had started to look down from him as she went on.
"Eve, there's no need to be worried, i'll be fine." She looked away, with a huff.
"Oh how can you be sure Amos. I mean... goodness, just look at this" She said, gesturing at all the people walking around in the camp. "it's such a mess. How could you not get hurt. Then there's no telling what the overlord's forces have to deal with on a usual basis. Oh goodness." She said, turning away completely now. Amos followed her quietly. Giving her plenty of room.
"Now Eve, we've talked about this. I'm just applying to be a psychiatrist, or a doctor if they don't need one. I'm not going to be on the front lines. I will be okay." He said definitively, turning her gently. She buried her head into his chest, then looking up. 
"I know, i'm just worried you'll get hurt in some other way. Danger takes many forms." She said quietly. "But I can't baby you, even though I really want too." She said pinching his cheeks in her hands. "I know what this means to you...but you remember this mister" She said poking his chest "You're the only Amos I have. And i'll be damned if I have to remind you more than once." She said smiling, with him smiling in return.
"It has been noted love. Plus, I am sure once I have been around a while, they will let you move in with me at wherever they put me. Then you can baby me all you want, and maybe I can in return." He said wiggling his mustache. A happy smile beaming on his face, as he pinched her cheek in return.
Eve giggled quietly, and then clasped her hands together, an excited smile on her face."Now" She walked over and picked up one of his two suitcases. "I'll walk you the rest of the way Sir English, goodness knows you'd get lost without the help." She said picking up the suitcase. Amos followed and picked up his.
"Why thank you Lady English." Taking his arm with hers, they walked the short distance to the check in tent. Then, turning to Amos, Eve fixed his suit one last time, adjusting his tie and such. "I love you my dear." He said to her, kissing her. To which she leaned up, and kissed him back.
"And I love you. Now be careful my adventuring man." Then, with a smile, she turned and walked back to the ferry. Leaving Amos standing in front of the tent, suitcases in hand. Waiting to be processed.
"What would you do for a better world?"
OOC: I am very sorry for this. I should have been more active but life litterally hit me repeatedly at the beginning of the year. While I needed the escape from the death of my mother, I didn't anticipate getting, and staying, sick for over two months. As I am back to 95% ish I am going to lock this thread down, closing current Character recruitment, and starting on the department threads. Again I am sorry for the delays in this. I have never been sick that long. I pray I'm never sick like that again. Be patient with me guys.

Side note Canidean has been permanently banned from the forum for misogynistic comments and will not be participating in the Roleplay from here forward. If your characters had any interaction with their character it has been hence stricken from canon.

See you in the departments and apologies again.

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