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Check in to boot camp
William enters the tent and calmly stands as the Gecko completes his measurements, figuring he probably isn't too hard to fit, being at least averagly humanoid in height. His does his best to keep his tail steady as he is measured as he would rather not have issues with tail holes.

The measurements completed and the Uniform handed to him, William nods to the comment as he looks over it a little as he picks it up. "I wouldn't think it would be being I'm just training anyway." he says with a small smile to the Gecko, and nods about the size note, quickly looking at the tag. He then thanks the Gecko for the help, and heads back out of the tent.

Pulling out the paper that Darius had handed to him, he does his best to attempt to discern where he needs to go to get to his tent, so as to start settiling in, and suit up.
Freya'so smile grew a bit aso she watched Silver's reaction to her presence.  It was oddly calming in a way; she knew she wasn't the only one who was curious about the parties on the opposite side of the desk.  

She chuckled as well, though it held some nervousness, when surnames were mentioned.  "Kinda like Smith or Taylor in other parts of the world" she replied.  When the subject of jobs came up, she looked more nervous.  "Well," she replied. "I like to be in the air, flying and exploring.  That's why I was thinking about scout.  "I also like to take apart and fix things,  l'm" there was a short pause.  "Usually pretty good at it considering I don't have much in the way of training"  she paused again. "I also enjoy games, reading, robots, the internet."  She stopped and shrugged as she realized that last little bit probably wasn't necessary.  "So, yeah" she finished with a sheepish smile.
Darius slid the file over to Dexter with a raised brow and an unspoken question. Dexter thumbed through it and looked up at her trying to smile without displaying his unnerving looking teeth. "I have a suggestion perhaps, as we're currently in peace time, something that would put your various skills to the test. Foraging, and repairing remote units out in the field. It will allow you to fly and get outside and do what you're good out all at once." Dexter closed the file. "That would be my recommendation anyway.
Freya watched the exchange with some concern.  Her concern turned out to be unfounded as she listened to Dexter's suggestion.  Her answering smile was full and bright.  "That actually sounds like a pretty wonderful suggestion to me."  She wasn'the sure if her opinion was being taken into account, but she offered it anyway.
Dexter smiled. "In that case you'll report to me tomorrow for Base Operations." Darius nodded at that and took the file back, removing the slip from her file and handing it to her.

"Here is your Tent Assignment for the Base operations Barracks, the uniform tent is behind this one. Go there and get your uniform. Report to Base ops tomorrow at Ten AM."

Dexter stood up and offered his hand to her. "I'm Dexter Cobalt, I'm a bit of a free agent of the three of us here, but I can certainly help you learn the ropes of what your job will be. Of course feel free to visit me on your off hours when you get to the lair."

Darius smiled and placed the file back on the stack sipping at his now lukewarm tea. "Dismissed, ms Swiftwing, I'm sure Dexter will be happy to see you tomorrow."
Shawn had watched the rather tall dragon ahead of him be ushered in by the equally imposing human. Taking a moment to himself after the activity before him subsided, the smaller squirrel realized how grateful he was to be off the ferry. While he didn't mind the water, sometimes the swells weren't kind to his equilibrium. What's more, the start of the day had been a bittersweet departure from his parents' home, which did not help his nerves much either.

He'd brought a large duffel bag with the few personal possessions he'd opted to bring with him, mostly clothing since he assumed most of what he would need for everyday use would be issued to him after processing. He'd caught a few words exchanged through the thick tent layer as he waited outside, but nothing he could string together.

His head was spinning a bit. On one hand, this was exciting since it was the first step towards what he hoped would be something greater than himself. On the other, it was intimidating since he had no idea what kind of screening to expect at this phase of the recruitment process. He thought it best to let such worries float out of his head as he idly flicked his tail.
Freya nodded. "Base operations." She repeated her assignment mostly to ensure it was committed to memory.  She took her tent asignment, looking at it briefly while she was told where to go next and when to report.

She smiled as she took Dexter'so offered Han in her own and shook it.  "Thank you very much." She replied.  A moment later, she was dismissed.  "Yes sir." She acknowledged. "Ten AM" She then headedo out of the tent, and straight to the uniform tent.

As she made her way to the uniform tent, she realized that with the initial meeting finished, her nervousness was quickly being replaced with a growing excitement for what would come.

She stopped outside the uniform tent and announced herself.  "Freya Swiftwing, new recruit here for my uniform."  She said, and waited to be called in.
Shouldering his duffel bag as he disembarked, Ian moved to join the cue behind the squirrel. His paws were slightly blackened from lending a hand in the engine room of the ferry to pass the time and he did his best to clean them with an old rag. Looking around at the setup of the boot camp, he smiled to himself. Things were rarely so organized back home and he was feeling confident that he had made the right choice.
Nyght sighed to himself as he watched the group from the ferry go into the tent, only to be sent back out. He thought maybe this was a test, to see if people were paying attention to orders or moving with the crowd. He stood fast where he was, waiting his turn to go through the process of approval, placement, and so on. 

"Time to show everyone that Jaguars aren't just some tribal fools" He muttered to himself, still not caring for the stigma the name gave. Sure it was mainly his fellow Islandfolk, but he had a feeling it would follow him here. His eyes focused ahead, waiting...
Cobalt ushered the next recruit into the tent with a smile. Darius took a long sip from his tea before setting the cup back down on his desk and retrieved the file. "Welcome Mr. Foraker" He thumbed through the file and glanced at Silver with a smirk. "We should start keeping score this is two for you now." Silver swallowed and looked up at Shawn.

"Interested in science then?" Silver asked curiously. Darius passed the file to the Doctor and silver browsed through it.

Darius folded his hands in front of him. "What sort of interests do you have, Foraker? What sort of talents to you wish to lend to our service?"


The Gecko quickly ushered Freya into the ten and helped to find her size, making sure the back of the uniform had places to thread her wings through. "Don't see many dragons." She remarked casually as she found a matching uniform for Freya. "Excited to be here?"

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