Isla Aukate
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Lexaniri Arratu (updated)
Name: Lexaniri Arratu

Island of birth: Aperira (April)

Age: 20

Preferred occupations:  Hunter, gather, ranger, scout, but eager to learn new skills and jobs.

Skills: Hunting, fishing, gathering, scouting, self-defense, survival skills

Interests: Learning new territories, learning new skills

Personality: Careful, Competent, somewhat shy around new people

Species: Feline (Hybrid?)

Eye color: Gold

Fur Color: Brown

Hair color: Dark brown

Height (in feet and inches): 6’

Description:  Obviously feline, Lex is built lean, long, and athletic.  She can be described as also able to keep with the feline grace, and gift for stealth when she wishes to remain unseen.  Covered with short brown fur, darker headfur, long tail with a fan of longer lighter colored fur to it's underside.  Generally she is fairly calm and level headed but can be riled up if persistently agitated.  As having not having as consistent exposure to new people, she can seem rather shy and can seem to stay to herself when meeting new people.  But that mask tends to melt away as familiarity is built.  She can be noted as one who can be fond of smaller creatures that could be domesticated or treated as pets.  Luckilly, considering living quarters, she can't house nearly as many as she may like. 
Character history: Lexaniri appears to be some form of felid hybrid.  The makeup of this hybrid is a little unclear due to only having a poor to fair family history recorded as her family didn’t seem as interested in such things.  With a long athletic build, long tail, and sensitive ears, she and her family had worked mostly as a set of hunter / gatherers, out to find game, wild fruits, fishing and the like to sell in the towns for the tourists or to locals who had wished for a taste of wild game rather than farm raised.
As such, from an early age, she was taught the skills of the forest.  Stealth, tracking, plant identification, foraging, fishing, archery, trap building, and wilderness camping eventually becoming second nature for these hunting / gathering expeditions she and her family embark on.  As time went on, she eventually had to learn more about dealings with the local feral tribes, caution near or around their territories, which ones were more reasonable, those one could trade with, and the ones you should avoid entirely.  Eventually as she progressed and advice from her father, she learned the benefits of having a quarterstaff along with her normal gear.  Eventually it had become a longtime companion for helping with the long difficult hikes, a tool, and excellent for defense when in a pinch.  Even with some time, practice, and training from her father, it became a go-to tool for her own hunting trips.
It was a good life, hard and difficult at times, but it was a large chunk of her developmental years.  The rest came from the times they stayed on the fringes of the towns of Aperira, the schools there, and tourists.  In those years she had managed to complete a basic education, became accustomed to the ins and outs of trade with people, and had learned some about the other islands from the tourists and passing word.  Those that had peeked her curiosity more were those from Aukate.  Some of it had to do with the variety of individuals that passed through or stayed there for a time, some to do with some of the gear some would have, but some of the stories of what it was like there seemed to peak her interest.  Perhaps it was a bit of the living on the fringes, curiosity to how they lived, new skills to learn, new things to see, a touch of wanderlust, or even just the idea of being part of something larger than just a family may have given her a potential new direction to which explore.  But the word of a recruitment drive and the hope that she could find place to use her skills (or find a place she could enjoy learning to fit it) helped drive her curiosity further.  In a way, it sounded nice to not worry about the risks of trade and to work for something bigger than just herself and her family alone.  Something was strangely appealing about what she had heard about Overlord Fox's vision for the islands, and that reverence for these ideals those who followed her on Aukate was rather compelling.

Her family, of course, would have preferred her to stay, but they understood that sometimes a cub has to move from the den and find their own way (so to speak).  So, with her mind made up, she had packed what belongings she had, boarded the ferry to the next island, and onward to sign up with the recruitment / training camp.

(A bit of a rewrite, expansion, re-description, but thought the last forums one was a bit old, short, and a little generic.  So why not take a changeover to work over the details and such?)

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