Isla Aukate
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If you ever have questions
(06-19-2016, 05:38 AM)Jordan Anthony Vex Wrote: I was curious, what kind of movies does Aukate have access to?

is the broad spectrum of human entertainment available or is it primarily local film and theater?

That is an awesome question.

On Aukate there is a dedicated movie studio that is basically the islands' version of Hollywood.  It originated with the radio dramas that appeared recently in the comic and the studio that originally made the radio dramas evolved into a motion picture studio with television programs.  With the advances in technology there's also opportunities for smaller studios that blossom here and there around the island.  There's not anything like Youtube on the islands, but it's not hard to find places to publish a video if you're willing to make one.

The primary studio is called Queen's Voice and is run by governor Queen's distant heirs.  They still do radio, but mostly focus on television and film these days.  Radio is still going strong but the stations playing 'nature' sounds had to be limited to evening when the birds and insects pointed out that most of the noises consisted of mating calls.

Most people watch television for entertainment.  The studios aren't the big budget blockbusters we're used to but there's the usual run of soap operas, educational shows, romance, dramas, and mysteries on television as well as movies that come out every few weeks.  I like to imagine that Lightning the Wonder Dog is still going strong the way Batman is still going strong.

There's plenty of theater with many of the local celebrities doing shows in the off season or when their television show isn't renewed.

Some media from 'outside' makes it but it's heavily screened and edited a bit to keep people from having too much of a desire to want to leave Aukate.  But there's still a good chance the average guy was able to catch the Avengers on the big screen.  Guardians of the Galaxy was probably really popular with the raccoon population.

Incidentally, in the late 1960's a shipment of Japanese movies washed ashore along with a mostly intact film projector during a hurricane on one of the lesser islands.  The island was primarily populated by housecats who became obsessed with Japanese cinema and now pay big money to have anything japanese related imported in.  The island is now heavily cultured with faux Japanese buildings and clothing and other things.  As a side effect, the dinosaurs of June are encouraged to vacation there because the natives adore the big 'Godzilla' creatures.  On the outside, people point to this island as an example as to why 'outside influences' on the island can be bad if not monitored.

We thought it was a good idea at the time... >.>;;;
That's super cool, thank you so much ^^.
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Omg, an island thriving on thrash japanese movies XD
(06-21-2016, 12:22 PM)TheSphinx Wrote: Omg, an island thriving on thrash japanese movies XD

Well, it started because we saw these:

And then we brainstormed why there would be a whole island of cats like that.
(06-21-2016, 05:37 PM)Artemis Wrote:
(06-21-2016, 12:22 PM)TheSphinx Wrote: Omg, an island thriving on thrash japanese movies XD

Well, it started because we saw these:

And then we brainstormed why there would be a whole island of cats like that.


...well, it seems legit though. Cats are the supreme lords of humanity after all.
I can totally see this one https://sociorocketnewsen.files.wordpres...=580&h=385 as a mafia boss: "Do you really think this tribute is enough?" XD
This is not a question about the comic. But since Fenriria's spells are in latin I was curious: is latin a subject in schools there? Here where I live it's a standard subjects in many schools, but I wonder if you usually study it too where you live.
It is not. I used Google translate and I'm pretty sure I did a terrible job of finding phrases that got my point across. I'll have someone I know who is versed in latin to look over it before it goes to print. In grade school here we are urged to pick a language to study, from three. German, Spanish, and French. I learned some Spainish but most of it has fallen out of my head. I can understand slightly more than I can speak. (which consists of ordering food, asking for directions, polite hellos and goodbyes and calling someone an idiot very rudely :p)
It also depends on the school. Basically if there is enough interest, funding and a teacher able to teach it then it could be possible. My school had some rather interesting choices in the language department, but most classes got over shadowed by spanish. It's rather difficult to get a job in Miami without knowing some spanish.
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Follow up question
We know that the islands have magic and magical users (not many but enough to make me wonder)
is there any educational environment like a school or such where young magic users can go to learn the basics and learn about the differrent paths they can choose (wizard witch druid and so on)
or is more like a apprentice thing where a magic user takes on a newly discovered kid and teaches him/her the ways of magic
or is there a thrid way (selfteaching, classes in school etcetera )
No there isn't. "Magic" Is used by demons/ demon descendants. and some mythicals. All of which are either taught by thier parents or, if not taught usually lose their abilities. The only exception to this is Fenriria who as we've hinted at before didn't originally come from earth to begin with so her magic follows different rules.

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