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If you ever have questions
If it gets rediculous there probably will be. Considering my own neglect at times I have to come up with something reasonable myself. I'm open to community suggestions.
Well, I think it was stated somewhere on the boards that posts should be made at least once a week if someone is participating in an RP, which in my opinion isn't unreasonable.

Something that might be helpful would be to have a section where people can post if they're going to be absent for longer than that, and perhaps designate someone to pull their character along until they can return, or tell the other members of the thread to continue without them.
Once a week sounds good to me, and a sections for warning if someone will be away for a time would indeed be useful.
Well, the once a week we have already all agreed to, because that's what the posting rules are, right? But I do believe there should be a place one can say they might be out of contact for x amount of time and to proceed y number of weeks without them?
I thought if someone would be out a simple post was good enough, to be deleted at their return. Though maybe an "afk place" could be useful to avoid clogging the threads with messages. I don't know.
About asking for others to "play" your character if you're away, that depends on one's preferences. If you trust someone enough, good. Otherwise, if you know one can't answer for a period beforehand, just avoiding talking to that character should be enough.

A time limit could be an idea, but it shouldn't be necessary. Posting once a week shouldn't be a problem, otherwise see above. I'd say if someone doesn't answer for a week it could be assumed he/she has nothing to say for that round, but it may or may not work... Let's see.
We might start a thread in the Plot Discussion Ideas thread for people to announce absences. The main issue comes from people that just never show up again.
I am an administrator from a technical viewpoint only. I just keep the forums up to date and free from spam, and have no authority regarding the roleplay universe; please contact Foxenawolf for RP issues :3
However, if you're having technical troubles, feel free to shoot me a PM!
In the citadel a character can be posed to go off and work on a project or "get back to work" during thier absence and resume the plot-thread when they return. In boot-camp I would prefer this didn't happen so much simply because this is a character evaluation and there is potential for people to miss so much that they have to wait for the next BC round. Seeing as the other departments haven't started yet, but most in base-ops seem to be active, now is the best time to tell me if you're going to be absent.
I'd imagine it's more useful for RP situations where it just doesn't make sense for the character to "wander off" for a time (think during a mission, where for RP purposes they can be imagined to just be following whatever orders and other characters can reference them if they agree, but it just doesn't make sense to leave the op in the middle of it).
I am an administrator from a technical viewpoint only. I just keep the forums up to date and free from spam, and have no authority regarding the roleplay universe; please contact Foxenawolf for RP issues :3
However, if you're having technical troubles, feel free to shoot me a PM!
I'd say that this kind of thread is always useful, whether people are engaged in RPs or not, as it gives a unique and central place where players can tell to the whole community: 'I'll be away for some time due to reasons, see you soon!' and also signal when they're back. And it also means that people can check it and see that Player Y is away, so they won't try to start an RP with them, or wonder why their MP has not gone unread for a week. Just my 2 cts...

I also have a question for Foxena about Boot Camp: what exactly do you seek from the Minions hopefuls currently in Boot Camp? It was my understanding that it was made so that you could evaluate our ability to RP, (If I remember correctly, that was the instruction on a previous incarnation of the forum) and weed out one-liners, Mary Sue and the like. But, given the recent debacle at Base Ops, it seem that you are looking for more than just that. If you could explain us in more details what the exact purpose of Boot Camp is, we would be very grateful, and it would also help in our potential future as permanent players of this place. Thank you in advance for your explanation.
I would hardly call a trial and error a debacle. The players were presented with a situation. I had Cobalt state that he expected to have his items explained to him. It isn’t hard to open up a google window, search for ‘Hawaiian plants’, and find specific things. Tamara posted finding a root and presenting it. In a few seconds of a google search I found out that taro root grows on Hawaii and might have fit the bill for her item.

If this were D&D you’d be expected to know about the system and the setting. The least you could do by being here and participating is to show me you actually care about the source material. But referring to it as a ‘debacle’ and then asking me what else I’m looking for sounds accusatory. This is roleplay. Roleplay entails creativity and an understanding of the setting. Yes, you failed the test. This does not mean you fail boot camp. Nor does it mean your failure is my fault.

I didn’t think I had to say, ‘Show an understanding of the setting and give me specifics’. On the last forum people had no problem naming specific fruits and plants and things. One of the people delivered exactly what I was hoping for so I know that I wasn’t asking for too much. Heck, thanks to Asyriel I now know that certain nightshade is edible.

Now, you have two choices. You can decide that I am asking for too much and move on. Or you can take what happened as a learning experience for your character and use this as an opportunity to develop your character and see what the future holds.

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