Isla Aukate
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Silver's disease research and expertise had battled the pandemic that had swept through the lair. With the inhabitants now feeling better there was a new distraction to pull his presence away from the library.

Darius, ever the diplomat, but still slow to recover was at the front of the new development. Fresh humans, which the General expressed were from the same place he had come from, had arrived on Aukate. He had gathered together the three main departments of the Lair. Each would have their duty to meet this new wave of people.

The leader of the new human colony was a man by the name of General Alfendi Tungsten. Like Titan before him he stood a towering nine and a half feet tall, and both looked and was built like a highland scotsman with long curly red hair and a cleanshaven face. Aside from rumors however no-one in the lair had laid eyes on him and talk among the minions was rife with speculation and exaggeration over Tungsten and his crew of humans.

It was Steele's job to quell the chaos that ensued from the rumor mill and get the minions back on the right track. He called forth all the departments to meet in the central citadel where they were to await his orders on how to proceed.
Garran woke up early that day. He let a colossal, feline yawn out and let his gaze roam idly on the mess of technological debris and scraps spread across his room. He didn't want to wake up early. The last weeks had been stressing, with illness spreading like a wildfire, and even if being ill didn't take a big toll on his strenght, Garran was still longing for rest. For a bit he contemplated the idea of curling up under the warm bedsheets again. With the tail flicking in disappointment he got out of the bed.

Garran managed to find a clean pot and the small heather among the chaos of the table and brew some coffee to clear his mind a bit. A message had been sent to everyone a few days before about a meeting, and seeing it came directly from the General himself everyone was supposed to look sharp. He looked it up again on the tablet while sipping.

Most of the debris on the table came from him working on his left arm. Free time was not much, though, even less so with the whole pandemic thing, and as such he only managed to improve some hardware at the joints. He did replace the covers, though: matte black and carbon fiber, and more elegant than the one before, he thought it gave him a bit of a cyborg look, and he liked it for that. And it clashed with the white of his fur.

The sphinx cleaned the arm again and changed the batteries to be sure; then wore the R&D uniform, each button polished and fold straightened the evening before. The long mane was always a problem, but by now he was used to it, and clasped most of the hair behind him with a simple steel clasp, bringing them together at shoulders' height.

He posed in front of the mirror to control if he radiated enough pride to serve the Overlord, straightened the last folds, preened a rebellous feather, put the tablet in the pocket and went out to the meeting.
Jade got the last alert for the all-hands-on-deck meeting shortly after arriving to the lab. She had completely forgotten that that was today. She took a moment to prep a couple of the long term experiments and stowed away the materials she had gotten out for the shorter ones, locked up the lab, and began to head to the central citadel. She was a little worried, she had never known that these type of meetings would be a thing, and wondered what was going on, and if it had anything to do with the pandemic that had hit the citadel. Jade met up with a few of her colleagues in the halls and chatted with them as they made their way.
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The day had started off like any other for Doctor Greymyst, waking up early and doing his rounds through the few patients left in Medical that had been suffering from the illness that has swept through the ranks of his fellow Minions. He had, through perhaps sheer luck and liberal applications of hand sanitizer and face masks, had been able to avoid being struck down by it, but that had only been a small blessing when one considers the fact that he, along with Doctor Silver, had been on their feet (or in Sylvian's case, paws) constantly dealing with the outbreak.

Not that he had complained, truthfully such things were part of the job description for one of the senior medical officers of an Overlord such as Fox. What little sleep he had gotten was outweighed by the pleasure of serving his fellow minions, and their Overlord, in maintaining and the health and well being of everyone.

But, now that it was over, Sylvian had been more than happy to return to the normal way of things. Or as normal as they could ever be.

Today finds him walking down the hallway towards the central room in the Citadel, where General Darius Steele has called to muster all the divisions of the Overlord to receive orders in regards to the impending arrival of allies. Humans, no less, much like their dear General Steele. Rumors, had of course, been circulating about the man known as General Tungsten, and Medical had seen its fair share of junior staff taking longer than necessary breaks to gossip about yet-unknown variable that has come into the political landscape of the Calander Islands.

But, that is what this meeting is for, Sylvian muses to himself silently as he sips from a Styrofoam cup of tea, addressing such rumors and setting the facts straight.

As he nears his destination, he spots the familiar face of Jade Fisher, a fox who works in one of the R&D Labs. He inclines his head to her respectfully, not speaking as she is currently chatting with others from the department.
A chime sounded on Mark's tablet, reminding him of the all-hands meeting at Citadel Center. He'd been in early, working on a stepped-up flight patrol schedule for the next week. New humans were arriving very soon, and when the last group arrived, major hostilities had ensued. He didn't want the Overlord to be caught off guard.

He shut down his tablet and left his office, making his way toward the Citadel's central open area. As he walked, he wondered what this new group would bring. All the humans who had ended up joining the Overlord had turned out to be decent fellows, but many others had not. He still suspected the latter group had been behind the recent sickness that had spread through Lair.

He nodded and waved off the salutes as he neared his destination. With the developing throng, he'd have worn his arm out if he'd returned every salute. He was hoping to see his wife in the crowd, but she just as likely was taking care of last minute meal prep before rushing down for the meeting.

Arriving at the large open area at the center of the Citadel, Mark made his way to the Officer's Platform and found his place, nodding a greeting to General Steele who was already present.
All Hail the Overlord!
PING! The small little tablet on the side of Keir's bed-cot went off with a soft echo, the device's screen shining brightly in the dark wolf's eyes. He groaned softly and rolled a little to stare at the ceiling, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he stretched his jaws out. He had a bad habit of clenching his teeth at night sometimes, especially when he was dreaming.

Sitting up and running his clawed fingers through his fur, Keir lifted the tablet from the covers and opened the message that appeared on screen: "All personnel to report to main central chamber immediately!" Sighing quietly to himself, he climbed out of the warm bed and began to get dressed. 'This most likely has to deal that massive viral sickness that swept through here,' the wolf thought to himself as he straightened his uniform, adjusting the buttons and fabric properly. Looking into a small mirror by his bedside, he brushes his hair and fur around his face, his coat shining and making the crimson markings on his cheeks and forehead stand out.

Having confirmed he was appropriate for the meeting, Keir grabbed his tablet and slipped it inside his jacket in the special pocket made for it, then grabbed a small water bottle on the way out of his bunk. "Today is gonna be a long day if we are starting like this," he whispers to himself as he begins to walk towards the central citadel, already missing his warm bed as he shivers and his fur fluffs out.

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"You may or may not return home. If I decide to allow you to get back, it will be on my terms and the commander’s.” 
~ Keir speaking a lemur in custody during a scene from my novel.
Angus yawned and did hold his hand in front of his muzzle as he made his way back to his room from a nightshift he had in one of the outside Guardhouses.
It was one week after he recovered from the illness that had sweeped through the lair but he still feeled some of the aftermatch.
Suddenly his breastpocket with his pad vibrated signalling him that he got a message.
When he read the message he groaned inwardly. It was a reminder that a "all man meeting" was today due. He cast a longing glance to where his room lay and straighing his uniform
He made his way first to the galley to get some caffeine rich drink such as a coke or green tea. He never got the taste for coffee though just to bitter for his taste.
After having two cans of coke he made a beeline to the meeting place in the inner citadel musing what this meeting is all about.
Looking at the crowd of minions he sees the back of Keir one of his childhoodfriends and roomie at the moment.
He puts his paw on his shoulder and greets him with a toothy Good Morning.
Shard had just finished is usual morning routine when the tablet on his nightstand pinged and lit up, letting him know that it had received a message. "A little early isn't it?" he said out loud, though no one was in his room besides himself.

Walking over to it he picked it up and swiped a finger across the screen and the display changed to show he did indeed have a message, and from General Steel no less. Opening the single message he saw that it was addressed to every single Minion in the lair. "Must be pretty important"

Reading the message he saw that it was a call for all minions to assemble in the Main meeting chamber. Wasting little time Shard got dressed, making sure that each of his uniform buttons were all matched up properly. He only slightly paused when he got to his boots. His last pair had not yet been returned from being cleaned after a very unfortunate encounter during the pandemic that had swept through the Lair. So he grabbed his 2nd pair and put them on. Grabbing his tablet he tucked it into a pocket in the front on his uniform then left his room. Making sure the door locked behind him he headed to the Meeting chamber. He saw plenty of minions on his way there and he joined a group from Base Ops and soon enough was standing with all the other Minions who had gathered there waiting to find out what was going on.
Being sick sucked. Like, really really sucked. If there was anything in the world that made the leopard shark sick to his stomach, it was being sick. The whole fiasco with the ailment that had plagued the Citadel was an experience he never wanted to go through again. As much as he loved working as one of the Overlord's minions, he hated being someone's patient on an infirmary bed with a passion and made that fact very well known when he was in the care of the doctors and nurses. Calling him a difficult patient was an understatement.

Thankfully, the whole thing was days long gone, and he was mostly back to being one hundred percent, if not for feeling little more tired,and less hungry than usual. He'd gotten to his usual early start that morning, engaging in his normal routine of pre-breakfast exercises and a brisk cold shower. Donning his Minion uniform, he gave himself a once over, unable to stop the cocky grin that crossed his features.

He rocked that outfit dang good, if he said so himself. Slicking his tongue across his thumb, he brought it to his rear with a quiet "Tsss~" and made his way out to the galley to grab some food before the big meeting today. He'd been hearing rumor after rumor about these new humans coming around, and at this point he didn't know WHAT to believe. Hopefully it all got at least a little clearer in this meet up...if that was what it was even about.

Grabbing about ten boiled eggs, he started on a brisk walk to the--he pulled out his tablet to check the meeting location again--Central Citadel! Once he entered, Razor was quick to spot his taller companions, Angus and Keir, standing with the other members of their department and made his way over, popping the last of the eggs into his mouth, shell and all. "Hey' y'all" He quipped, "Lovely mornin' fo' a meetin', in'nt it?"
Archeus had been in the lab, at her desk,A cup of root sharp tea at hand that she slowly sipped while reading the Islands register and nibbling on a biscuit.
Her personal pad let out the slow wale of a distant horn.
She glanced over her glasses at the large over sized clock on the wall.
Then looking in her pocket she read the all hands transmission, she then looked back at the paper only to sigh. Putting her effects in order and making ready,
she grabbed her briefcase and threw the register on the table as she left. The periodic landed with the front page up. "Island unrest high as newcomers arrive".
With her long strides she made her way to the main hall in short order.
On approach she gave a nod to Messrs M'Rega & Greymyst. She continued on to Garran giving him a pat on the back and a smile. "Good morning Mr. White" she gestured tilting her head, Come on let's find Jade".

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