Isla Aukate
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Harlan "Rebel" Stuart
IoB: Me
Age: 25
Preferred occupation: logistics / intelligence analyst
Species: Red squirrel
Eye Color: Blue
Hair color: Head tuft same color as base fur, with "a touch of grey"
Height: 5' 6"

Harlan is of average build for his species, but with a somewhat slower metabolism than normal, so he has to watch his diet. He tends to be thoughtful and studious, with an attention to detail, and prefers relaxing either alone or with a small group of friends. He acquired the nickname "Rebel" for his tendency to affect the speech and mannerisms of the American South, though he has no sympathies for the Old Confederacy's social beliefs or practices.

Hobbies include listening to music (mainly classical, swing, jazz, and soundtracks), reading, and games. In particular, Harlan has a talent for Texas Hold'Em (or the Aukate equivalent) and enjoys playing it for either fun or more serious stakes.

Harlan was born and raised on the island of Me, where his family owns several plantations, specializing in coconut, cinnamon, and tea cultivation and export. Home-schooled in a well-off household, he was able to indulge in a number of interests -- history, philosophy, politics, and economics -- while being prepared to enter the family business. To that end, he was trained to do market analyses and forecasts, learned accounting and the fundamentals of business law, and of course the essential biology of tropical agriculture. However, Harlan found that he had little interest in being stuck doing the same thing prior generations of Stuarts had done, and hoped to leave Me for one of the other islands to make his own way in the world.

His opportunity to do so finally arrived when a recruiter from Aukate impressed him with the possibilities of serving in Overlord Fox's organization. While not particularly a soldier or inventor, Harlan was certain his more cerebral talents had a place in her ranks. His father, not pleased with his decision to sign up for service with her, has cut off all ties with Harlan, so that whatever successes -- or failures -- "Reb" may have, will be entirely his own.
I don't understand the nickname origin: what do south and rebels have in common on Aukate?

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